Off the Shelf Upgrade

When a new Tetra Data Platform (TDP) version is released, it is made available to customers in the AWS Service Catalog. This page describes how to perform an upgrade, and in what order you should perform it.

The TDP has two layers:

  • Data
  • Service

You must install the Data layer first, and then the Service layer.


Software Versions

You must install every version incrementally and you cannot skip minor versions of the software.

How to Order and Install Upgrades

This table shows an example of how to order and install updates.


Data Layer

Service Layer

0 - Before you begin, ensure that both the data layer and service layer are at the same version, for example: 2.22.0.

2.22.0 (current version)

2.22.0 (current version)

1 - Because you must upgrade the Data Layer first, the Data Layer is upgraded to 2.23.0 using the Upgrade Procedure instructions.

Upgrade to 2.23.0


2 - Then, once the Data Layer has been upgraded to 2.23.0, you can upgrade the Service Layer, again using the Upgrade Procedure instructions.


Upgrade to 2.23.0

3 - Once the Service Layer is upgraded, you can upgrade the Data Layer again, this time to 2.24.0.

Upgrade to 2.24.0


4 - Note that because there is a patch, the Data Layer is upgraded again to 2.24.1.

Upgrade to 2.24.1


5 - Only after you have applied the patch, you can upgrade the Service Layer. Note that in this example, there was no Service Layer upgrade to 2.24.1, so the Service layer was upgraded to 2.24.0 instead.


Upgrade to 2.24.0

Upgrade Procedure

To upgrade the data layer:

  1. In the AWS console, navigate Service Catalog -> Provisioned products.
  2. Click on the {product}-data-layer and note the current version.
  3. Click Action -> Update.
  4. Select the next minor version available from the Product versions list.
  5. (Important) Change the CFTemplateVersion parameter to reflect the same version as the one in the Service Catalog. You can leave the other parameters set to their defaults.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Wait for Status to change to Available.

After you have updated the data layer to the next minor version, repeat Upgrade Procedure for the service layer to install the same version.

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