Displays file information, such as the file creation date, size, and location.


Use the JSON Web Token (JWT) and the name of the organization to authenticate. For more information on how to do this, see


Responses are in JSON format.

200 OK

Request was completed successfully. Results of the request appear in the table below.

orgSlugName of your organization.string
fileIdUUID for the file in the data lake.uuid
traceIdUUID generated when the RAW file is first uploaded to the data lake. All files derived from the RAW file, such as an IDS file, have the same traceId.uuid
rawFileIdUUID for the RAW file that this file was generated from.uuid
categoryFile category. Values are RAW, IDS, and PROCESSED.string
idsName, type, and version of the schema used to create the IDS file. Format is {namespace}/{idsType}:{idsVersion}.string
filePathPath to the IDS JSON file.string
createdAtDate and time that the file was created. Note that the date/timestamp is in Zulu (UTC) (timestamp)
integrationTetrascience integrates with many different products, such as Box, Dotmatics, and DataHub. The response contains the integration type, file type that is produced, the source, source type, integration ID and source ID.mixed (uuid, string)
integration.idID for the integration.uuid
integration.typeIntegration type. Values are EGNYTE, BOX, DOTMATICS, HRB CELLARIO, DATAHUB, PIPELINE, RAW, and API.string
sourceIndicates the source of the file. This is typically the source ID, the name of an instrument that generated the data, and a brief description of the file data.string
source.idID for the source.uuid
source.typeType of source, which is typically the name of the instrument or other lab equipment used to generate the data or report.string
source.nameName of the source.string
fileProvides file location information including the bucket, path, checksum, size, type, and version.mixed (string, number)
file.bucketName of the data lake S3 bucket the file is assigned to.string
file.pathPath to the data lake S3 bucket where the file is stored, starting with the organization’s root directory.string
file.checksumChecksum (number of bits used to verify file integrity) assigned by the data lake S3 bucket.string
file.sizeSize of the file.number
file.typeType of file.string
file.versionFile version’s ID.uuid
metadataLists metadata, if present. Metadata could include items like the instrument or other lab equipment used to create the file and/or custom metadata the user added to the file (if any).mixed (object, string)
tagsLists tags that the user added to the file.array of strings
deletedIndicates whether the file was deleted. Values are TRUE, FALSE.boolean
outdatedIndicates whether there is at least one newer version of the file available. If a newer version is available, outdated is set to TRUE. Values are TRUE, FALSE.boolean

401 Unauthorized

There is a problem with authorization. See for details.

404 Not Found

There was no api method associated with the endpoint you indicated.

500 Internal Server Error

There was a problem with the website’s server or a network issue.

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