This endpoint uploads a file to TetraScience Cloud through connector deployed on on-premise datahub machine. It requires a datahub, a Generic Data Connector (GDC) added to the datahub and agent set up on the GDC connector. Custom agent software can use this endpoint to upload files to datalake.

Validations performed by this endpoint:

  1. agentId must be a valid ID of the agent defined in GDC
  2. when dataCategory param is batch, param filePath must be provided
  3. when dataCategory param is stream, param fileName must be provided
  4. param sourceType must contain only lower case alphanumerical characters and dashes
  5. params metadata and tags must contain only ASCII characters; tags values cannot contain comma and values must be unique
  6. params metadata and tags together as JSON objects must have less than 1.5KB of text (1536 characters)
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