Common Bi-Directional Protocols

Bi-Directionality is largely accomplished through the use of Tetra Data Pipelines. For more information on Bi-Directionality and a high-level, basic scenario see this topic.

There are a few pipelines that have already been developed to help you process data bi-directionally. These include:

  • Push measurement order to SDC - Pushes a measurement order to the AGU [email protected] Data Cockpit. Note that the connector for the AGU SDC should already be set up for this to work properly.
  • SDC Measurement Raw to IDS - Receives SDC Measurement data and converts it to IDS format.
  • SDC Measurement RAW to IDS to Solace - Receives SDC Measurement data, converts it to IDS format, then sends it to the Solace PubSub software so that a message that contains the measurement contents can be received by another system, such as a LIMS.

For more information on how to set up a pipeline, see this topic.