EDSL Quick Start Guide

The EDSL Quick Start Guide provides the necessary information that you need to quickly get started using the Empower Data Science Link. It also provides links to documentation that allows you to learn more about the specific features.

The EDSL Quick Start Guide consists of five steps, pictured below.


EDSL Quick Start

The five basic steps are:

  1. Set Up Connector - Explains how to set up the User Defined Interface connector and generate the Agent ID and JWT (JSON Web Token).
  2. Set Up a Pipeline - Indicates how to set up the Empower to IDS Pipeline.
  3. Install and Configure the Empower Agent - Explains how to install and configure the Empower Agent and select project files for processing.
  4. Start and Monitor the Agent and Pipeline Processing - Indicates how to start the Empower Agent and Monitor the Agent and Pipeline Processing.
  5. View Results - Explains how to view the results in the TDP and in SQL tables.

Beyond the Quick Start Guide, there are links to Documentation that might be of particular interest to EDSL users.

Click the link below to get started.