EDSL Quick Start - Step 4: Start and Monitor the Agent and Pipeline Processing



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Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 of this Quick Start guide should be complete.

Now that the agent has been installed and configured, and the pipeline is set up, it is time to turn on the agent and monitor the processing.

There are a couple of places where you can monitor the results of the processing:

  • In the Empower Agent, where you can monitor the extraction of files from Empower and the upload of files to the data lake.
  • In the TDP where you can monitor pipeline proccesing.

Turn on the Agent and Monitor Processing

To start the agent do the following:

  1. In the Empower Agent's Management Console window in the Configuration tab, click the Start button to start the agent. The Start button is next to the Agent Status field.
  2. Click the Processing Status tab in the Management Console.
  3. Review the Scanned Injections. (The number of Injections the Agent detected for Demo project), Generated RAW File (The number of Injections the Agent fetched for Demo project), and Uploaded (The number of Injections the Agent has uploaded to Data Lake). Note that processing sometimes takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Empower Agent Processing Summary

Monitor the Pipeline Processing in TDP

To monitor pipeline processing in the TDP, do the following.

  1. In the TDP, use the menu to view the Dashboard page or go to the Pipelines, then Pipeline Processing page.
  • The Dashboard shows the pipelines that are currently running as well as those that have completed successfully or that have failed. The name of the pipeline and its description, a button to view details, one or more icons showing the steps of the workflow, the status (pending, in-progress, completed, or failed), and the date are displayed.

Dashboard Page

  • The Pipeline Processing page shows much more detailed information about specific pipeline processing.

  • You can click the filters at the top of the page to filter by status (completed or failed).


Check Email

If you configured a notification to be sent to an email address when you set up your pipeline, check to see if the notification was received.

For More Information

For more information on how to monitor processing, see the following topics:

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