Tetra Data Hub Overview

The Tetra Data Hub is the on-premise software component of the Tetra Data Platform. It facilitates secure data transfer to the Tetra Data Platform through configurations called data connectors. Each data connector is responsible for pulling or receiving data from a single data source in your environment. A single Tetra Data Hub may contain multiple data connectors.

TetraScience provides a pre-configured Tetra Data Hub installer for you to install on a machine or virtual machine on your network. Once installed, the Tetra Data Hub will automatically activate with the Tetra Data Platform, and can be configured through the web interface.

How the Tetra Data Hub Works

The Tetra Data Hub relies heavily on AWS services such as Systems Manager and AWS IoT. The Tetra Data Hub periodically asks for new instructions and configuration from the Tetra Data Platform. The Tetra Data Hub downloads and runs Data Connectors based on the configuration specified in the web interface of the platform under your account.

The Tetra Data Hub automatically starts when the host server restarts.

Installing the Tetra Data Hub

Please refer to the Installation page for the installation tutorial.

What’s Next