Platform Roles and Permissions

User roles and permissions

The table below highlights permissions for each product feature, along with its CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) permissions for each user role (Read Only, Member or Admin).

Page/FeatureMemberAdminRead OnlyNotes
Data SourcesRC, R, U, DR
PipelinesRC, R, U, DRMembers can restart a workflow
Search FilesRRRCan view every file in the data lake
Data SchemasRRR
SQL SearchRRRData queried from org-specific tables
View Master/Task ScriptRRR
Customize FiltersRC, R, U, DR
Shared SettingsRC, R, U, DR

Account Permissions

Page/FeatureMemberAdminRead OnlyNotes
Create API KeyRC, R, U, DRKeys are restricted to user
Change passwordUUUPassword changes can only be performed by logged-in user, with the exception of Admin unlocking a locked account
Organization DetailsRR, UR
Organization UsersRC, R, U, DR
NotificationsR, U
User Action Audit TrailR

Data Permissions

FeatureMemberAdminRead OnlyNotes
SQL Access Connection parametersC, R, U
Connection parametersRRR
SQL TablesRR, DR

Metadata/Tags Permissions

Feature/PageMemberAdminRead OnlyNotes
Custom Metadata and Tags ManagementC, R, U, DC, R, U, DR

API Documentation

Feature/PageMemberAdminRead OnlyNotes
API DocumentationRRR