Single Tenant Deployment Overview

Tetra Data Platform is a multi-tenant SaaS platform that can be configured for use by a single tenant and deployed into any AWS account that meets the installation requirements. The AWS account can be controlled and managed by the customer or by TetraScience.

We highly recommend our clients to use our multi-tenant SaaS platform as it is the most reliable, secure and cost-effective option. It also saves clients significant effort and has the most up-to-date features. When using a multi-tenant deployment, the only component that needs to be deployed is the Tetra Data Hub, which is also required for single-tenant deployments.

The Tetra Data Platform is deployed from two AWS CloudFormation stacks, each containing multiple nested stacks. The stacks are packaged, versioned and made available to clients as AWS ServiceCatalog products.

Application code is containerized and runs on Amazon’s Elastic Container Service. Some code is also running in AWS Lambda. Data is stored in S3 while resource-intensive auxiliary services like ElasticSearch and Postgres Database have their dedicated clusters. This diagram from the Security section shows the interaction between components.

A full list of currently required AWS services is included here. New features and updates may require additional AWS services not mentioned in the list.

The Tetra Data Platform is not a simple application and cannot be treated as such. It is a collection of tightly coupled open and closed source software that heavily leverages AWS services for reliability, ease of use, scalability and low cost. While certain feature modules may be disabled, the core platform is fixed.