Sotax DisiTest50 (DT50)



DT50 can only be configured to send data to one destination. If you connect the DT50 to the IoT box, it can’t send data to the printer.

Integration method: AnyLink IoT Agent (IE Pro model)
Cables: 1x Ethernet cable

Installation Steps

  1. Connect an AnyLink box’s LAN port to DT50, or to the network switch the DT50 is using (if there is one)
  2. The AnyLink IP is by default with subnet mask, so on the DT50, change the DT50 network printer IP address to be in the same subdomain, for example pick any number from 3-254 (you can’t use 204). If you have an auxiliary tower, make sure you are not using the same number as the auxiliary tower
  3. After that, change the printer setting to “label”
  4. Then you can find an experiment and click “Print” to send the data to the IoT agent. If everything works correctly, you should see a file appearing on TDP