Apps Deployment in a Single Tenant Environment

Tetra Data apps are use case-specific, web-based interactive data dashboards that leverage TetraScience API to enable exploration, investigation, and analysis of the TDP data. This topic explains how a System Administrator can deploy apps in a Single Tenant environment.



Deployment AWS account

The data apps CloudFormation template should be deployed in the same AWS account where TDP is installed.

Before you deploy apps, please complete the following prerequisites.

Obtain TLS Certificate and Configure AWS Certificate Manager

A TLS certificate should be configured in AWS Certificate Manager. The certificate should match the following naming convention.

apps.<TDP domain>

Copy the ARN of the certificate.


Obtain the CloudFormation template from TetraScience.

CloudFormation Parameters

Set the following parameter when installing the CloudFormation stack.

ServiceNameName of the data apps stack.
ImageDigestThe digest of container image. You will need to get this from the TetraScience team.
ImageAutoUpdateIf set to YES, the stack will always update the container image to latest version.
VPCSelect the same VPC as the TDP installed.
PrivateSubnetIdsSelect the private subnets used by the TDP.
SourceCidrThe CIDR to allow access to the data apps.
CertificateArnCopy the ARN of the certificate that was created above.
MemoryThe memory of the apps.
CPUCPU of the apps.
SNSTopicArnCopy the ARN of <tdp>-ts-alarm-notifier.

Post-Deployment Steps

Create DNS record

Create a DNS record for apps. that points to CNAME of Application Loadbalancer created for the data apps.