Tetra Chromeleon Agent Release Notes

The Tetra Chromeleon Agent release notes appear below. They are organized by version number.


RELEASE DATE: 27 December 2021

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

  • The Tetra Chromeleon Agent has been upgraded to receive a TDP command. Only one command can be accepted, which SequenceCreation. Note that the Tetra Chromeleon Agent can only receive this command if the Queue is manually enabled in both the TDP and the Tetra Chromeleon Agent.

  • FileId has been added in the Chromeleon Agent log files. This makes it consistent with the other Agent log files.

  • The Tetra Chromeleon Agent now has new sections: Windows Scheduled Task, Run Time, Enable Queue, and Agent Configuration Advanced Settings. These sections were added for consistency with other Tetra Agents. The authorization section was also updated. New documentation is also available.

Bug Fixes

  • AG-1214 - Connection status is missing
    The status next to the Connection URL field always shows whether the Tetra Chromeleon Agent is connected or not.

  • AG-1251 - Chromeleon Agent failure when used with longer Folder Length
    The Tetra Chromeleon Agent now supports folder path lengths that are longer than 256 characters.

Minor Functionality Changes

  • The Tetra Chromeleon Agent can no longer start until the TDP connection is established and the user account configuration is completed.


RELEASE DATE: 7 Sep 2021

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

The Chromeleon Agent installer was modified to use the same installation mechanism as other Tetra Agents.


RELEASE Date: 8 Dec 2020

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

  • Support Chromeleon 7.2.5

v 1.0.0

RELEASE DATE: 6 Dec 2020

Main Functionality

  • Fetch Injection data from Chromeleon
  • The injection data is serialized as JSON format and uploaded to TDP for harmonization