Tetra Empower Agent Installation Guide (Version 4.0.0)

This guide explains how to set up the Tetra Empower Agent, including connection details. Topics addressed are the hardware and software requirements, required credentials, and system administration tasks to set up the TetraScience Empower Agent and start running it.


This guide is for version 4.0.0 of the software.

Data Connection Setup


The RAW files generated from TetraScience Empower Agent are uploaded to the TetraScience Data Platform through Data Connector.

TetraScience provides Generic Data Connector (GDC) and User Defined Integrations (UDI) to facilitate the security file transfer.

You should have either GDC or UDI set up before installing the Empower Agent.

To learn the difference between these two options. Please check this link.

Empower Agent Installation

Hardware and Software Requirements

TetraScience Empower Agent must be installed at the same workstation where Empower 3 Client Software is running. TetraScience Empower Agent is compatible with Empower 3 Service Release 2 or higher (latest is FR5). If the Empower version is lower than Service Release 2, the user must upgrade the Empower client software.

The detailed system requirement can be found in the Client Software section in Empower 3 System Administrator Guide.

Additional Hardware Requirements

  • Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional, 64 bit or Windows 2016 Server
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • 16 GB RAM at minimum, 64 GB RAM is recommended
  • 8 Core CPU
  • Minimum 150 GB free disk space

User Accounts

A valid Empower DB user and a Group User account are required to run the TetraScience Empower Agent to access the Empower database and Empower file server respectively.

Empower DB user account is used to access Empower through Empower ToolKit.

The Projects available for extraction from the TetraScience Empower Agent depend on the access permission of the Empower DB user account.

Group User Account that runs the TetraScience Empower Agent should be part of Empower User Group in Active Directory Organization Unit (with the same privilege as standard Empower User). The Agent uses this account to access the raw data stored in Empower File Server.


TetraScience Empower Agent comes with an installation package. Please contact your TetraScience Delivery Engineer for download instructions.

After moving the installation files to a local folder, the System Administrator can run TetraScience.Agent.Empower.v4.x.x.msi to install the software.

A typical installation process is listed below:


After the Agent is successfully installed, the user can find the TetraScience Empower Agent shortcut from Windows All Program Group menu and on the Desktop.

The user needs to provide configuration settings to initialize TetraScience Empower Agent.

Installation Verification

1. Verify TetraScience Empower Agent Installation

Step 1: Validate TetraScience Empower Agent Install Home on the local drive

  • TetraScience Empower Agent is installed under "C:\TetraScience" by default
  • Under TetraScience folder, the user should find TetraScience.Agent.empower.v4.x.x
  • There are 3 subfolders under TetraScience.Agent.empower.v4.x.x
    • bin
    • bin64
    • db

Step 2: When the Agent is installed correctly, the user should be able to perform the following checks:

  • TetraScience Empower Agent shortcut on the Windows Desktop
  • TetraScience folder is added to Windows Start Menu. The user should find TetraScience Empower Agent in it.

The user can launch TetraScience Empower Agent Management Console by clicking on either one from the above.


2. Verify TetraScience Empower Agent System Integration

The user can verify the Waters Empower system integration with the following procedures:

2.1. Verify Waters Empower System Connection
In the "Configuration" tab from the Agent's Management Console

  • Step 1: Provide Waters Empower Database Account
  • Step 2: Provide Waters Empower User Group Account
  • Step 3: Click Test Connection button

A pop-up window shows if the Empower account can successfully access the Empower System.

2.3 Verify Empower Group Account
In the "Configuration" tab from the Agent's Management Console

  • Step 1: Enter Empower Group User User Name
  • Step 2: Enter Empower Group User Password
    After the cursor is moved, the Agent will show if it is a valid account immediately.

2.3 Verify Data Connector Connection
In the "Configuration" tab from the Agent Management Console
Assuming a Data Hub/Data Connector or UDI is set up.

  • Step 1: Enter Agent ID
  • Step 2: Enter the full URL of GDC or UDI
  • Step 3: Provide Org Slug and JWT Token. It is optional, is only needed if the user selects UDI
    The user can see the connection status (invalid or valid) immediately after the information is entered.



In previous versions, the API Key was used for authentication. That feature is now deprecated. Note that this feature is still backwards compatible from previous versions (if the API Key was previously used).


2.4. Verify Empower Data can be retrieved by TetraScience Empower Agent
When the TetraScience Empower Agent is up and running, the user can perform the validation of TetraScience Empower Agent RAW file detection, generation, and upload with following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to "Project" tab in TetraScience Empower Agent Management Console
Step 2: Click on "Refresh" button to fetch the latest list of the projects from Empower.
Step 3: Select a testing project (e.g "Demo" project")
Step 4: Click the Save button to save the selection


Step 5: Check the Agent status in the "Processing Status" tab from the Management Console. After the Agent finishes its routine scan and RAW file generation, the user can perform validation tasks listed below.


Validation Tasks:

  • Scanned Injections (The number of Injections the Agent detected for Demo project)
  • Generated RAW File (The number of Injections the Agent fetched for Demo project)
  • Uploaded (The number of Injections the Agent has uploaded to Data Lake)

The count for each step listed above should match with the injection count (127) in the Waters Empower client as shown below


2.5 Verify generated RAW files are uploaded to TetraScience Data Lake

Step 1: The user login to the TetraScience Platform
Step 2: In the "Search File" page, the user can check RAW files of project "Demo" in the search result.
Step 3: Verify the number of RAW files from "Demo" project equals 127.




Once installation and your initial configuration are complete, use a windows task script to start the agent daily (such as at 1:00 a.m.) to ensure that the agent continues to remain running. For information on how to do this, view this topic.