Release Notes


RELEASE DATE: 21 December 2021

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

This version of the software has a number of performance improvements due to transitioning the Tetra File-Log Agent from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture, and a reduced footprint.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fix(es) were made to the Tetra File-Log Agent.

  • AG-1209 - OOM while uploading system metrics
    This issue, which involved high memory usage, was resolved by performance improvements.


RELEASE DATE: 3 August 2021

Bug Fixes

The following bug fix(es) were made to the agent.

  • [AG-781] - FLA Agent uses S3 direct upload as default
    This bug caused the S3 Direct Load option to always be enabled, even if you tried to manually disable it in the File-Log Agent's Management Console. This issue was fixed and you can now disable the S3 Direct Load option.


RELEASE DATE: 21 July 2021

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

The following enhancements were made in this version of the software.

  • You can enable or disable the queue service. The queue service allows you to determine whether to receive a command from the TDP.
  • If you choose to enable the service, the Agent can input the path configuration pushed from TDP in the Cloud Config.
  • The end-to-end performance has improved 2x -3x. (It is measured the time from when the file is detected to the time file is uploaded to TDP).

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were made to the agent.

  • [AG-548] The Agent is able to upload empty file using the S3 direct upload option
  • [AG-531] The Agent installer can delete the installation folder from the previous version

Minor Functionality Change

  • The Agent is able to upload Agent Log with a file size greater than 1 MB using the S3 direct upload option.


RELEASE DATE: 17 May 2021

This topic provides information on enhancements, bug fixes, deprecated features, as well as minor functionality changes for version 3.5.0 of the Tetra File-Log Agent.

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

There was an enhancement in this version of the software.

  • The Tetra File-Log Agent metadata and tag logic matches the latest TDP updates. For more information about TDP metadata updates, see the TDP 3.0.0 Release Notes.
  • A new option has been added that can check the status of the Tetra File-Log Agent daily and restarts it if it has stopped. For more information about how to enable this option see this section of the Tetra File-Log Agent installation guide.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fix(es) were made to the agent.
AG-292 - Tetra File-Log Agent Windows Management UI Agent Log Upload Interval Is Bound to a Wrong Field.

The Agent Log files Uploads Every field is now bound to the correct field (Interval In Seconds).

Deprecated Features

The following feature(s) are currently deprecated.

  • N/A

Minor Functionality Changes

The following minor functionality changes are in this version of the software.

  • The Tetra File-Log Agent now starts even if the File Path is invalid. The status has been added near the file path to indicate whether the path is valid. The status is refreshed periodically (with each scan interval).

  • When the agent shuts down or is backing up, "pending" records that have been scanned and not yet uploaded are deleted from the queue. (Please note that the records themselves are not deleted.) When the agent restarts again, those files will be rescanned and uploaded to the TDP. This solves an edge-case issue (AG-281).

  • Source Type in the File Watcher section (Folder Path Configuration) is now mandatory. Previously if this was left blank, the value was "unknown". Note that for the Log Watcher section, Source Type is still optional.

Additional Notes
There are no other notes for this version of the software.


New Features

  • Users can re-upload the files with the file Last Write Date in a specific date-time range.
  • The agent can now notify the user of the potential errors when starting or stopping the agent Windows Service application.

Bug Fixes

  • The Agent is able to delete files with a read-only attribute from the local temp folder after the files are uploaded successfully to Tetra Data Platform.

Functionality Changes

  • The agent won't trigger file reupload when the source type, metadata, or tag change on the file path.

  • The agent converts the file path as the lower case letters when uploading the files to Tetra Data Platform (TDP).

  • If you have previously installed a v3.x.x File Log Agent, after you upgrade to v3.4.0, note the following.

    • New file paths will all be converted to lowercase.
    • For already-scanned and uploaded files by v3.x.x File Log Agent, if there is a change to the last modified date or the file size, it will be uploaded with the original casing (the same casing the first time this file was uploaded).


New Features

  • Users can set up the file Start Date and File change interval on the individual file path level.


  • Long file path (longer than 260 characters) for Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019 can now be enabled. (Please check here to learn more
  • The agent now notifies the user when s/he tries to close the Agent Windows Management Console UI without saving the changes.

Bug Fixes

  • The search result of the file path should be case-insensitive when the Agent checks whether that file path is already under monitoring.



  • Agent doesn't require the user account configuring the Agent to have access permission to the folder paths. It delegates the folder path validation to the Windows Service part of the Agent.
  • The Windows Management Console logs the detailed errors for diagnosis if the connection to the TDP fails.



  • Enhanced the internal algorithm to improve the performance of file change (new or updated) detection by 2-4 times.

Other Changes

  • Adjusts the order of file upload to prioritize the latest updated files.
  • Logs file access errors (e.g. file is moved or deleted) to Database. The Agent won't try to reprocess errored files in the later time interval.


New Features and Functionality Changes

  • The Agent can now run using a Service Account without Local Logon permission.


New Features and Functionality Changes

  • Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.8.
  • Provides the option to upload the files directly to AWS S3 bucket. With this option turned on, the user is able to upload up to 500 GB file.
  • Files can be reuploaded when the associated Souce Type, Metadata, or Tags are changed.
  • Added Summary page to display the file processing status and the Agent hosting server performance metrics.
  • Server performance metrics are now uploaded to AWS CloudWatch Metrics.
  • Sqlite database is uploaded to AWS S3 bucket for disaster recovery. (Please note this feature requires turning on the S3 direct upload option.)
  • No shortcut is added to user desktop, instead, a link is added to Windows Program menu.


  • Preserves the case of file and folder name.
  • Validates user account and permissions to the folder paths before the Agent started.

Other Changes

  • Now uses data grid to manage Tags.


New Features and Functionality Changes

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 is required.


  • In LogWatcherService, the output files are removed after they are successfully uploaded to the Platform.
  • Retains the Agent log files for 72 hours.
  • Allow user to check the configuration setting for both LogWatcherService and FileWatcherService when the Agent is running.
  • Popup Error notification message if File-Log Group User is invalid.
  • Popup Notification messages if File-Log Group User doesn't have read permission of the paths. defined in the Filewatcherservice or LogWatcherService.
  • The authentication errors are written to Agent Log files.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Group User account is not used for running the File-Log Agent Service issue.
  • Fixed System.Net.Http dll ( reference issue.
  • Fixed validation message when the pattern is missing from folder mode.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException if JWT Token is not provided issue.

Installation Changes

  • Applied Full Control permission to the installation folder for Machine\Users to avoid database permission issues.
  • In migration, if the config.json from the previous version is incomplete, the Agent migrates the sections available in the config.json file.
  • In migration, if the config.json from the previous version is invalid or missing, the Agent sets up configuration using default values.

Configuration Changes

  • By default, FileWatcher is enabled and LogWatcher is disabled.
  • Default agent ID and connector URL is blank.
  • Default path is blank.
  • All job time intervals are set as 10 seconds as the minimum.


  • Added a Windows-based Management Console UI to replace Config.json for Agent configuration.
  • In the LogWatcher Service, grouped related output files into a subfolder in the output folder, to prevent potential file name collision.