Tetra UNICORN Agent Release Notes

Version 3.5.0

RELEASE DATE: 31 August 2021

This topic provides information on enhancements, bug fixes, deprecated features, as well as minor functionality changes for version 3.5.0 of the Tetra UNICORN Agent.

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

There were several enhancements in this version of the software.

  • The user can choose the business rules that trigger the result file regeneration/reupload.
  • The user can regenerate/re-upload the result files in a date range.

Deprecated Features

  • Removed Excluded Folder section, which contains Logbook and Systems, from UNICORN Path Editor UI. This was because these are the special folders defined in the UNICORN address space. They don't contain valid result files. The Tetra UNICORN Agent has already excluded those folders internally so it doesn't need to be displayed in the UI.

Version 3.4.0


  • Avoid generating incompleted Raw file by deferring the generation when that Result file related Method run has not completed yet.

Version 3.3.0


  • Support various Data Connection options
  • Add Agent Summary page to show the processing progress
  • Send Agent system metrics to the Data Platform

Version 3.2.0


  • Optimize the algorithm to detect the new Result files through GE Opc HDA Service
  • Provide an option Allow Restart HDA Service on Management Console UI to allow the Agent to restart the OPC HDA service if the OPC HDA service is not accessible.
  • Provide an option Detect changes for last (Month) on Management Console UI to specify the earliest Result files from which the Agent should detect the change.

Version 3.1.0


  • Improve Agent stability
    Enhance the Agent to properly handle the GE OPC HDA connection constraint.

  • Improve Exception Handling
    Log the Result File Name which has output issue for reporting and troubleshooting

  • Enhance Log Message
    Output summarized Agent processing status for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

Version 3.0.1

Bug Fix

  • Fix issue of Agent Installer which references a wrong version of System.Net.Http

Version 3.0.0

New features and functionality changes

  • Add Windows-based Management Console UI to replace config.json for configuration
  • Support both GDC (Http and Https) and UDI (Using TetraScience API Key)
  • The output files from UNICORN Agent AE Service are removed after the files are successfully uploaded to the platform
  • Retain the last 72 hours Agent log files to save disk space.
  • If the Agent is upgraded from the version earlier than v2.6.0, the UNICORN HDA files will be reuploaded the platform. That is due to the logic change of how to determine the result file is updated.


  • Improve Installation package to completely remove the previous version.

Other changes


  • Starting the agent from the command line is no longer officially supported.
  • When a new version of the agent is installed, the old agent (Windows service) is uninstalled automatically. After the installation is complete, the user must run the GUI to resume the agent.
  • In migration, if the config.json from the previous version is incomplete, the Agent migrates the sections available in the config.json file
  • In migration, if the config.json from the previous version is invalid or missing, the Agent sets up configuration using default values.
  • At the minimum time interval as 10 seconds


  • The default output folder of HDA service is set as C:\Temp
  • The default output folder of AE Service is set as C:\Temp\Output for output and C:\Temp\Archive for archiving respectively.