Tetra Cloud Archive Application

Tetra Cloud Archive Application ("Cloud Archive") enables customers to execute their long-term scientific data retention that is optimized for scientists, discovery, data security, and compliance.


The Cloud Archive service is a cloud-native application built on top of Tetra Data Cloud. It automates tedious archive work of HPLC projects that are managed by Waters Empower systems. Users can restore selected archived projects from Tetra Data Cloud to any Empower system that the Cloud Archive service connects with.

Once projects are archived, customers can connect their preferred tools to Tetra Data Cloud so they can view archive insights, browse and search archived projects by methods, samples, and injections.



Tetra Cloud Archive application consists of two components

  • A Tetra Data Platform deployed to the customers' AWS environment
  • Tetra Cloud Archive service
    The user must deploy the Tetra Data Platform first before installing the Tetra Cloud Archive service.


Tetra Data Platform for Cloud Archive is a portfolio within the Tetra Service catalog in AWS. After Tetra Data Platform is deployed, two IAM policies will be created

  • agent-s3-access
  • agent-log-access

Then the user needs to create an AWS user and assign these two policies to it. The user will later provide Tetra Cloud Archive service with the credentials from this AWS user.

At the end of this step, the user will record the following information which will be used to set up the Tetra Cloud Archive service in the next section.

  • AWS Region
  • S3 Bucket Name
  • Log Group Name
  • Log Stream default to 'audit-trail'

Cloud Archive Service

Tetra Cloud Archive service ("TS Cloud Archive") requires Tetra Empower Agent. For Tetra Empower Agent installation, please refer to "Empower Agent Installation"

After Tetra Empower Agent is installed successfully, the user must Configure the Cloud Archive service. The following steps will be performed from the "Configuration" tab on the Agent's Management Console.

Set up the Empower connection

TS Cloud Archive service requires Empower connection to archive or restore projects.

In the "Configuration" tab shown below, the user will provide credentials to access Empower database and file server respectively. Note that the Cloud Archive Agent will inherit all security controls set up in the Empower system.

  • Empower Database
  • Empower Group User
    All account information will be encrypted and managed securely by the Agent.

Setup Empower Connection

Agent Run Time

From the "Configuration" tab shown above, the user should enter the assigned UUID as the Agent Id, and also provide an output folder as the Empower Agent Output Folder. This folder will be used to temporarily store intermediary files during archive and restore operations. Temporary files will be cleared after each project archive or restore operation.

It is recommended that the user sets the output folder in a different partition than the system drive, and prepare to have at least 128GB disk space available for a single project archive or restore operation.

Archive Runtime

In the "Configuration" tab, the user will configure

  • Automatic Archive Policy
  • Tetra Data Platform (AWS) Connection
Part I: Automatic Archive Policy

TS Cloud Archive service features automatic archive according to the policy set up by the user.


Automatic Archive Policy

Illustrated above, the automatic archive policy has two rules

  • "Inactive" Days
    The user can provide numeric value to this rule. Once set, TS Cloud Archive service will apply "read-only" locks on any Empower projects that have not been updated for number of days set here.

For example, the user can set 180 for this rule. As a result, old projects that have not been updated for at least 180 days will be locked as automatic archive candidates. TS Cloud Archive service will periodically scan all available projects for archive candidates.

Note that TS Cloud Archive service relies on the full audit trail per project to determine its last change date. Projects with audit trail turned off will not be eligible for automatic archive.

  • Grace Period
    This rule will guide TS Cloud Archive service to hold off the archive operation after projects are locked as archive candidates from the step above. During this grace period, projects that incur changes will not be archived. This project will be put back to the project list and will be processed during the Agent's next scan.

In the example shown above, the user can set 15 days as the grace period. Projects, which are locked from the prior step, will not be archived until the end of the 15-day grace period.

Part II: Tetra Data Platform AWS

The user needs to provide the following information from the TetraData Platform deployment in this step.


AWS Components

  • AWS Access Key Id and AWS Secret Access Key Id
    AWS credentials that belong to the AWS user provisioned for TS Cloud Archive service. The AWS user is created as the post steps to Tetra Data Platform deployment.
  • S3 Bucket Region
    AWS region from Tetra Data Platform deployment
  • S3 Bucket Name
    S3 bucket recorded from Tetra Data Platform deployment
  • Audit Trail CloudWatch Region
    AWS region from Tetra Data Platform deployment
  • Audit Trail Group Name
    Log group name from Tetra Data Platform deployment
  • Audit Trail Stream Name
    Log stream name from Tetra Data Platform deployment

After these steps, the user will Save all the changes (circled in Red below)


Save Configuration

The user clicks on "Start" to start the Tetra Data Cloud Archive service. The Agent Status will change from "Starting" to "Running" (shown below)


Starting the Agent