User Manual

Tetra Cloud Archive Application ("Cloud Archive") supports the following operations

  • Automatic Archive
  • Manual Archive
  • Restore
  • Manage Archive and Restore Transactions

Security Control

  • Cloud Archive agent inherits the security control set up in Waters Empower system that is defined with the Empower user and Empower group user.
  • All content is transported via encrypted Http/s protocol
  • Projects are encrypted in our Data Lake
  • AWS access and permissions are defined by the IAM policies

Automatic Archive

The automatic archive policy applies to all available Empower projects that TS Cloud Archive service can access. After each project is archived successfully, the project and its metadata will become available and discoverable in Tetra Data Cloud. This project will also be removed from the Empower system to free up the disk space.


  • Projects that the Empower user is authorized to access
  • Projects with audit trail turned on (which is a default setting in Waters Empower)
  • Projects that are not locked (except the read-only lock added by the Agent)
    In the "Project" tab from the Agent's Management Console, the user can verify if the Agent can access all projects as planned. (shown below)

Project List

Handling Nested Child Projects

It is common that Empower projects have child projects. TS Cloud Archive will make sure its child projects are also eligible for automatic archive according to the policy set in the "Configuration" tab.

If all child projects meet the automatic archive criteria, child projects will be archived and removed before its parent project can be archived. If there are nested child projects, the Agent will begin with the leaf level projects and recursively archive projects till it reaches the project at the top.

Note that archiving an Empower project that has parent projects will be treated as all the other projects.

Manual Archive

Users can manually archive projects. From the "Project" tab (shown below), the user can select projects and confirm with the "Archive" operation.


Manual Archive


From the "Project" tab in the Management Console, the user can restore an archived project from Tetra Data Cloud to the Empower system that the Agent connects to. Below we will provide step-by-step illustration.

  • Launch "Restore" dialog window
    By clicking "Restore", the user will see a dialog window.

step 1: prepare to restore

  • Enter the restore key
    A restore key, aka the project backup id, is a unique identifier assigned to each project upon the completion of a successful archive operation. The user enters the key in the text field and press "Restore"

step 2: review restore candidate

  • Review and Commit
    • For restored project, the Agent will append "(restored)" to the project name. For example, if a project's original name is "FP_Tab_3", the Agent will suggest the restored project name as "FP_Tab_3(restored)".
    • If a project has been previously restored, the Agent will append a counter to the project name, such as "FP_Tab_3(restored)1" in the "Project Path" field shown below.
  • If a project with the same name already exists, the user will be prompted to select a different project name as shown below.

Same Name Project

After the user reviews the project and confirms the restore action, this project will be downloaded from Tetra Data Cloud and restored to the Empower system. The user can check the status in the "Summary" tab for processing details.

Manage Transactions

From the "Summary" tab in the Management Console , the user can manage all transactions ranging from automatic archive, manual archive to restore as shown below. The user can abort a transaction by clicking on "Cancel".


Cancelling a transaction will be disabled in following scenarios

  • Archived successfully
    The user can restore this project to revert the archive operation
  • Restored
    A project that is already restored to the Empower system. To revert the transaction,

Audit Trail

TS Cloud Archive service records "who-does-what-when" that leads to underlying state changes. Authorized users can use AWS CloudWatch to access the cloud archive audit trail.

Once the user logs into AWS CloudWatch, look for the log group "/ts-archive-${InfrastructureName}/agent", where InfrastructureName will be replaced with the actual name such as "empw" during the deployment. Under the log group, the user can find a log stream "audit-trail".

Here are some examples.

  • An Empower administrator updates the Cloud Archive configuration
    "user": "TSEMPOWERDEMO\\fr5admin",
    "action": "Configuration Changed",
    "detail": "Field AwsAccessKeyId changed from **** to ****.",
    "traceId": "",
    "fileId": "",
    "projectPath": "",
    "changeDate": "2020-06-08T13:43:47.6766976Z"
  • The Agent automatic archives a project
    "user": "TSEMPOWERDEMO\\empclisvc",
    "action": "Projects Automatic Backup Locked",
    "detail": "Project Demo\\Demo_03 changed from Open to Locked",
    "traceId": "fdd9fa30-9ea9-4db5-b3c0-aab04a9c2931",
    "fileId": "fdd9fa30-9ea9-4db5-b3c0-aab04a9c2931",
    "projectPath": "Demo\\Demo_03",
    "changeDate": "2020-06-08T02:13:49.4672003Z"
  • A project is deleted after archived and uploaded to Tetra Data Cloud
    "user": "TSEMPOWERDEMO\\empclisvc",
    "action": "Projects Automatic Archive Ready to Delete Project",
    "detail": "Project Default_2019073006_2 changed from Uploading to Deleting",
    "traceId": "aeb98521-d540-432d-a1ed-d707b2770975",
    "fileId": "aeb98521-d540-432d-a1ed-d707b2770975",
    "projectPath": "Default_2019073006_2",
    "changeDate": "2020-06-18T02:25:11.0378984Z"