Tetra Agent Automatic Backups

To enable a Tetra Agent to automatically perform regular backups of the SQLite database file, you must enable the S3 Direct Upload option when you configure the Tetra Agent. When you enable this option, the SQLite database file (which stores the Tetra Agent's configuration data) uploads to the backup bucket in the Data Lake.

If a Tetra Agent fails, you can restore the database file from the backup bucket to continue processing.

The backup bucket is located here: S3://<backupBucket>/<orgSlug>/<agentId>/RAW/sqlitedb
<backupBucket> - Name of the backup bucket in S3
<orgSlug> - Your organization name
* <agentId> - ID of the Tetra Agent that you want to restore


<backupBucket> Name Pattern

The <backupBucket> name follows this pattern: <InfrastructureName>-prd-backup.
For example, if the InfrastructureName is "pharmaco", then the <backupBucket> name would be: pharmaco-prd-backup. The <InfrastructureName> a parameter that you specified during the deployment of the Tetra Data Platform. For details, see the CloudFormation section of the Deployment page.