Available Pipeline Protocols

TDP provides many pipeline protocols for you to use to process your data. For an overview of pipelines and how it relates to protocols, see the Pipeline Overview page.

Pipeline Protocols are divided into two categories:

  • Out of the Box (OOB) Pipeline Protocols, which are available to all users of the full-version of the product. OOB Protocols, which are also referred to as "Common" Pipeline Protocols are customer agnostic.
  • Client-Specific Pipeline Protocols, which are built by either TetraScience Solution Architects by you or someone in your organization. These protocols are organization-specific.

Available Pipeline Protocols

The following lists some of the pipeline protocols available in the product.

  • Agilent Chemstation to IDS
  • Agilent Series 1200 Chemstation to IDS
  • Agilent UV Vis RAW to IDS
  • AKTA to IDS
  • Biotek - Synergy 2 RAW to IDS
  • BioTek ELx808IU raw to IDS
  • BMG Labtech Clariostar raw to IDS
  • BMG Labtech fluostar and nephelostar RAW to IDS
  • BMG Labtech Fluostar RAW to IDS
  • BMG Labtech Nephelostar raw CSV to IDS
  • BMG Labtech Nephelostar RAW ZIP to IDS
  • BMG Labtech SPECTROstar raw to IDS
  • Bruker FLEX RAW to IDS
  • Bruker Sierra Spr32 convert raw to IDS
  • Charles River Endosafe Nexus raw to IDS
  • Chromeleon raw to IDS
  • Convert Raw Nanotemper Prometheus to IDS
  • Convert Raw Wyatt Dynapro DLS to IDS
  • Create MassLynx IDS
  • Empower IDS to CSV
  • Empower to IDS
  • Extract to Decorate
  • HRB Cellario data unzip and upload
  • Inheco thermo cycler ODTC pipeline
  • Intavis Multipep raw to IDS
  • intellicyt iQue3 Util
  • Malvern Mastersize 3000 RAW to IDS
  • Malvern Panalytical Empyrean XRDML to IDS
  • Mascot MGF to IDS
  • Parse Dotmatics Register Compound RAW to IDS
  • Parse EnVision raw csv to IDS-JSON
  • Parse raw ViiA7 xls or txt to IDS-JSON
  • Parse Tecan d300e RAW to IDS
  • Parse Vi-CELL .zip or .txt to IDS
  • Perkin Elmer MicroBeta2 RAW to IDS
  • Perkin Elmer Quantulus and Tri-Carb raw to IDS
  • Perkin Elmer Topcount raw to IDS
  • Perkinelmer Envision IDS To Dotmatics
  • Perkinelmer Envision RAW To Dotmatics
  • PerkinElmer LabChip GXII Touch raw to IDS
  • Plate Reader IDS to Dotmatics
  • Protein Simple Maurice Raw to IDS
  • Push Weblink to IDBS
  • Query MDB file using SQL
  • SDC Measurement RAW to IDS
  • Siemens Rapidlab Blood Gas Analyzer Raw to IDS
  • Sotax AT70 RAW Excel to IDS
  • Tecan and Perkinelmer Envision IDS to Dotmatics
  • Tecan Sunrise raw to IDS
  • Thermo Fisher Fluoroskan raw to IDS
  • Thermofisher xcalibur RAW to IDS
  • Unchained Labs Lunatic Convert Raw to IDS
  • Unzip and save contents to dl
  • YSI Bioanalyzer 2900 series Raw to IDS

Client-Specific Pipeline Protocols

Client-Specific Pipeline Protocols are developed using two different methods:

  • Build it Yourself. With this option, which we call "Self-Service Pipelines", you use our TetraScience Pipeline Software Development Kit (SDK) to create a pipeline to your own specifications. You will need some programming knowledge to do this. For more information on this option, see the Self-Service Pipeline topic.
  • Have us Build it For You. Our Solutions Architects can assist with building pipelines for your organization. For more details, contact your Solutions Architect.