Tetra Chromeleon Installation Checklist

This Chromeleon Installation Checklist provides a checklist of information that you can use to help you get started with installation, fast. A more in-depth discussion is in the Tetra Chromeleon Agent Installation documentation.



[ ] Install the Agent onto same machine as the Chromeleon Client
[ ] There are no additional specific requirements except to ensure that the hardware is compatible with Chromeleon Client.


[ ] Chromeleon 7.2.5 and above
[ ] .NET Framework 4.8. Talk to your CSM for more details on how to get this.
[ ] Latest Chromeleon Agent installer. Talk to your CSM for more details on how to get this.

Chromeleon User Account

[ ] If the Chromeleon User Mode is enabled, a valid user account is required to access Chromeleon. Example set of privileges that the user may have for scanning and extracting data:
[ ] Queries >> Create Queries
[ ] Queries >> Execute Queries
[ ] Archive >> Send to File
[ ] All privileges in Reporting section



If the Chromeleon User Mode is disabled, the Tetra Chromeleon Agent doesn’t require a user account to scan and generate Injections. However, if any object (Data Vault/Folder) has Access Control List, the Agent will not be able access it.

[ ] In Chromeleon, using this user, Data Vault Server and Data Vaults can be accessed without connection issues.



If there are any connection issues, please check the section of Data Vault Connection Problems: Troubleshooting in the Chromeleon Help file.

[ ] Permission of Create Sequence using Worklist (Optional if use SequenceCreation feature is intended to be used)

Requirement for Tetra Data Platform Connection

[ ] GDC/CDC is set up. You should have the following information:
[ ] Agent ID
[ ] URL
[ ] Org Slug (Required by CDC)
[ ] JWT token (Required by CDC)


Additional Notes for Upgrade

For the version prior to v2.0.0, when stopping the Agent for upgrade, a process, TetraScience.Agent.Chromeleon.Runner, could still be running. Please open Windows Task Manager to verify it is not running. If so, please right-click that process and choose End Task to terminate it.


[ ] Double-click the Agent installer to proceed with the installation. :



If Windows does not respond, please run the installer from the Windows console window (command tool)

  1. Launch the Windows console window using the option as “Run As Administrator“.
  2. Navigate to the folder that has the installer.
  3. Type: msiexec /i TetraScience.Agent.Chromeleon.vx.x.x.msi.
  4. Follow the prompts in the installer.

Post-Installation (Configuration)

[ ] Verify TDP Connection

[ ] Add the Agent Id and Connection Url in the fields.  If the connection is valid, “Connected” will appear to the right of the Connection Url field.

[ ] For Chromeleon Injection Service setting options, refer to the install guide specific to the version getting installed.
[ ] Verify User Account Validity
[ ] Option 1: When Chromeleon has User Mode disabled, Do nothing
[ ] Option 2: When Chromeleon has User Mode enabled. Enter User Name, Password and Role and make sure they are valid
[ ] If the user account is authenticated using LDAP, please make sure to enter the account window password.



[ ] The Agent is up and running.


[ ] The data vaults are populated.




If any expected Data Vault doesn’t show up in the list, please check the section of Data Vault Connection Problems: Troubleshooting from Chromeleon Help file