Features Available by Role

User Roles and Permissions

This table highlights permissions for each product feature, along with its CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) permissions for each user role (Read-Only, Member, or Admin).

ScopeDeployment (Site) (Tetra Admin)Organization (Member)Organization (Read-Only)
Search FilesYYY
Pipeline: File ProcessingYYY
Pipeline: Pipeline ManagerYYY* Cannot create new pipelines
Data Sources: AllYYY (But cannot edit; you can view the configuration, but you cannot edit the configuration or configure something new.)
Health MonitoringYYN
View IDS TypesYYY
Attribute ManagementYYN
API DocumentationYYY
Account: Account DetailYYY
Account: Organizational MembershipYYY
Account: Organizational DetailsYYN
Account: Service UsersYYN
Account: SQL AccessY (Can see tables and the username/credentials)Y (Can see tables and the username/credentials)Y (Can see the SQL Tables)
Account: Shared SettingsYYY (Can view, but cannot create shared settings, cannot add secret)
Account: Audit TrailYYN