Tetra Agents Supported by the Tetra Data Platform

The Tetra Data Platform (TDP) supports several Tetra Agents that aggregate and transfer source data to the platform (including the Tetra Lake).

A Tetra Agent can be a:

  • Custom application built on a software SDK, such as the Empower 3 ToolKit or the UNICORN OPC.
  • Dropbox that stores client data files in various formats, such as: CSV, Excel, PDF, or an email message.

The Tetra Agent converts the data files to RAW JSON format. The RAW JSON files are then uploaded to the Tetra Data Platform, which can be later processed by a pipeline, and translated into an Intermediate Data Schema (IDS). Additionally, you can integrate the data files with downstream analytics data visualization tools, such as: Spotfire, Power BI, or Tableau; or with data science tools, such as Jupyter Notebook.

Tetra Agents support these two deployment types:


AWS Direct S3 Connection

When a Tetra Agent uses the AWS Direct S3 Option to connect directly to the cloud, the Tetra Data Platform calculates checksum and verifies it using AWS 128-bit MD5 checksum. For Tetra Agents not using S3 Direct upload, the Tetra Agent verifies the response code to determine if the upload was successful. Checksum is not used.

Supported Tetra Agents

The Tetra Data Platform supports these currently available Tetra Agents listed in the table.

Tetra Chromeleon AgentHigh-performance Windows-based solution built on the Thermo Fisher Chromeleon 7 SDK to extract injections and associated data (for example, Spectral, Peak, Sequence, and Audit Trial) from Thermo Chromeleon 7.
Tetra Empower AgentHigh-performance Windows-based solution built upon the Empower 3 Toolkit to extract data from Waters Empower 3.
Tetra File-Log AgentHigh speed, instrument-agnostic Agent that detects the changes of file-based outputs generated from instruments. It requires either a:
- Tetra Generic Data Connector (GDC) installed on a Data Hub, or
- Tetra Cloud Data Connector (CDC) for file uploads
Tetra IoT AgentSupports IoT (Internet of Things) devices and applications.
Tetra LabX AgentHigh-performance Windows-based application that accesses the LabX Integration service, and extracts task and its related data.
Tetra UNICORN AgentHigh-performance Windows-based application that acquires AKTA batch data through the UNICORN OPC HDA Service and detects the Alarm and Events generated from UNICORN in real time.