Tetra Data Platform (TDP) Overview

The Tetra Data Platform (TDP) is a cloud-native, AWS-based solution that centralizes scientific data from instruments, CRO/CMOs, and software systems in a single, cloud-based scientific data lake. It also provides a flexible and powerful data pipeline system for you to perform extract-transform-load (ETL), data transformation, and data publication including the deployment of your own custom code.

TDP allows you to quickly and easily perform many tasks related to processing, viewing, and managing data. Depending on your level of access you can:

  • Collect & Archive Data - Leverage TDP's out-of-the-box Agents and connectors to easily and automatically acquire data from your instruments, control software, CROs, CDMOs, informatics applications, sensors, facilities, and other sources.
  • Extract Metadata - From the file name/path (for example, CompoundID, Site, Sample Name, and so on) and file contents (Instrument manufacturer, instrument model, injection id, and so on). Pipelines also extract and decorate files with metadata retrieved throughout the process. You can add metadata through the UI. Applications can add data through TDP's API.
  • Harmonize - Transform vendor-proprietary data coming from instruments and applications to our vendor-agnostic Intermediate Data Schema (IDS) format while also storing the data in relational tables. IDS/SQL make it easy to access the data using your favorite informatics applications (such as, ELN and LIMS), control software, data science, and dashboarding tools through SQL and/or APIs.
  • Verify & Enrich - Use out-of-the-box or custom-built pipelines to perform extract-transfer-load (ETL) functions on your data.
  • Push Tetra Data - Similar to Verify & Enrich, you can use out-of-the-box or custom-built pipelines to publish Tetra Data to your ELN, LIMS, data warehouse, or other endpoints.

TDP's event-driven architecture allows you to define triggers to process data as soon as it is collected by TDP. TDP provides pipeline monitoring, ability to view the outcome of the pipeline processing, and other execution details as part of the platform.

TDP also delivers the ability to manage your data, perform SQL and Elasticsearch queries, and view audit trails as core platform features.

The Tetra Data Platform also has a robust set of API endpoints that allows you to query data.