TDP v3.0.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 29 October 2021


Quality Report

TetraScience is committed to creating quality software. Software is developed and tested using our TetraScience Quality System. The Quality Report for version 3.0.3 is referenced here: DI-5826.

This topic provides information on enhancements, bug fixes, deprecated features, known issues, as well as minor functionality changes for version 3.0.3 of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP). Links to the release notes for Tetra Agents and Artifacts appear in the Other Release Notes section at the bottom of this topic.

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

The following enhancements were added for this version of the software.

  • Search by Workflow ID
    You can now use the FileInfo API to search for files by workflow ID.
  • Allow Custom Memory Settings for GDC
    This version contains custom settings for Tetra Data Hubs, and enables independent memory settings for each Tetra Data Hub.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were made to the TDP. Click the arrows next to each section to review the fixes.

Connectors and Integrations
  • DI-5583: Empower Agent Version is not updated in UI
    Increased the update frequency for Empower Agent version information collection. The Empower Agent version information now updates after five minutes.

  • DI-5589: Improve Cellario connector to resolve missing data package issue
    The timeframe for the file history has been extended to accommodate the slight delay between events in memory generation and event database insertion times. This fix allows completed Cellario orders to be found.

  • DI-5594: Cellario connector - offline
    Improved the exception handling related to network instability. Additional logic was implemented to force the restart of the Cellario connector, if needed.

Data Hub
  • DI-5340: Data Hub installer script unable to install AWS CLI due to Python version mismatch
    Previously, the Data Hub installer script failed due to a version mismatch. In this version of TDP, the AWS CLI tool version used during a Tetra Data Hub installation has been upgraded to resolve this issue.
Metadata, Tags, and Labels
  • DI-5584: Custom metadata keys not shown when adding attributes on v3.0
    Custom metadata keys now display properly.
  • PIPE-408: Pipeline fails to reprocess file
    Pipeline services now ignore outdated configuration fields.

  • PIPE-422: Shared settings column "Usages" does not reflect pipeline configurations
    In the Shared Settings page, the "Usage" field now accurately shows which pipelines use the associated parameter value and shows the actual pipeline/protocol configuration values.

  • PIPE-428: Source type flickers and page refresh increase
    The automatic refresh period on the Pipeline Processing dialog has been extended to help process large numbers of workflows.

  • PIPE-429: Improve workflow kick-off management
    Adds reliability to the initial pipeline workflow creation that can be impacted by temporary database connection issues. The change introduces multiple retries and adds a notification when failures occur.

  • PIPE-459: "Select all" workflows checkbox does not match what is displayed
    The “Select all” workflows for the pipeline functionality now accurately represent the number of currently visible workflows.

  • DI-5577: Incorrect "Workflow Error - No Task Run" message in UI
    The timeout error that caused the "Workflow Error - No Task Run" error to occur during reprocessing events has been addressed. The workflow user interface now displays an accurate status.

  • DI-5578: Unable to process unprocessed files (internal HTTP 504 Gateway timeout)
    Enables reprocessing functionality for greater than 1,000 workflows.

  • DI-5579: Modify GraphQL to return correct versions of files based on the selected workflow
    The latest version of the file associated with a specific workflow now displays.

  • DI-5581: Discrepancy between workflow user interface and workflow API
    Improves API stability during a large number of file reprocessing events; the workflow API results and workflow user interface now match.

  • DI-5582: Selected files in Pipeline Processing Page
    On the Pipeline Processing page, the number of files selected now accurately shows all selected files. Additionally, the number of files available for reprocessing remains stable and is no longer affected by scrolling.

  • DI-5585: No logs found for different workflows
    Improves logging. Workflows now always generate logs regardless of the workflow’s completion status.

  • DI-5430: Missing link to "File Details" for read-only users
    Adds a missing file details page for read-only users. This page is already available to Administrative and Member users.

  • DI-5434: Read-only users unable to use TDP file link
    Enables file detail access for users with read-only access.

  • DI-5587: ES indexing issue - Some documents with samples.labels.value as a number was successfully indexed into ES
    Addressed a datatype mismatch issue that caused document index failures in ElasticSearch under specific conditions.

  • DI-5626: Disable Data Scanner and Aggregator Functionality Completely
    Removes unused references to an already deprecated feature.

  • DI-5776: Do NOT display IDS data in search
    Improves the search UI performance because some data objects have been removed for the initial load of results. Document data is still available in the preview and download.

Other Platform Components
  • DI-5593: Multi-valued fields should be URL encoded
    Amazon Cognito now uses multi-valued attributes from Identity Providers using encoded URL instead of using a simple string representation.

Platform Maintenance

The following platform maintenance tasks were performed.

  • PostgreSQL Upgrade
    The PostgreSQL Amazon Web Service (AWS) has been upgraded from version 9.6.15 to version 13.3.

Deprecated Features

The following features are currently deprecated.

  • Usage of the API Key for Authentication
    The API Key (used for authentication) is deprecated. While the API Key still works, TetraScience strongly recommends that you use the JSON Web Token (JWT) instead.

  • Pipeline Dashboard
    While the pipeline dashboard is still available, some will be relocated to the Pipeline Monitoring and Pipeline Processing screens.

Minor Functionality Changes

There were no minor functionality changes made to the product for this release.

Known Issue(s)

The following known issue(s) for this release appear below.

  • DI-5764: Hub HRB Cellario connector keeps working after removing it from the Data Hub
    Occasionally, if you remove the HRB Cellario Connector, it will continue to work. To resolve this issue, simply restart the Tetra Data Hub.

Other Release Notes

Other release notes for different TDP components appear in the following places: