Tetra Data Platform (TDP) Overview

Tetra Data Platform centralizes scientific data from instruments, CRO/CMOs, and software systems in a single, cloud-based repository. It also provides a flexible and powerful data pipeline system for you to perform ETL.

TDP OverviewTDP Overview

TDP Overview

The Tetra Data Platform (TDP) allows you to quickly and easily perform many tasks related to processing, viewing, and managing data. Depending on your level of access, you can:

  • Configure connectors to easily and automatically acquire data from your lab instruments and other sources, convert them to a RAW JSON format and put the data files in the data lake.
  • Use Pipelines to translate your data into any format using our Intermediate Data Schema (IDS). IDS is a powerful and framework that harmonizes your data so that it is vendor-neutral and can easily be accessed by other data science and big data tools.
  • Use out-of-the-box data or custom-built pipelines to perform extract-transfer-load (ETL) functions on your data. You can define triggers, monitor the progress and outcome of the pipeline processing, and view other execution details.
  • Manage your data, perform SQL and ElasticSearch queries, view audit trail, create metadata tags.

The Tetra Data Platform also has a robust set of API endpoints that allow you to query data and more. API documentation is here.

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