Tetra SharePoint Online Connector v1.0.x Release Notes


Release date: 07 June 2024

TetraScience has released a new pluggable connector, the Tetra SharePoint Online Connector, version 1.0.0.
The Tetra SharePoint Online Connector is a standalone, containerized application that uses the Pluggable Connector Framework to automatically upload newly created and/or updated files from Microsoft SharePoint Online to the Tetra Data Platform (TDP).

Here are the release details for the Tetra SharePoint Online Connector:

New Functionality

  • The Connector sets up a regular polling interval and uses Microsoft Graph API delta queries to synchronize file updates from monitored folders to TDP.
  • The Connector automatically uploads all files in monitored folders to the TDP data lake at a file path that mirrors the file path found in SharePoint Online.
  • The Connector enriches files uploaded to TDP labels converted from SharePoint Online Metadata. More information on the SharePoint metadata translation process is described in the Connector README. It includes the file version from SharePoint and traceability metadata for when a file is created or modified. The file is additionally labeled with the metadata visible to users in the SharePoint Document Library.


Customers upgrading from connector versions from the TetraScience EAP will see improvements in logging, improvements in health status reporting, more robust polling behavior, and additional diagnostic messages displayed in case of errors.


The following are known limitations of the Tetra SharePoint Online Connector v1.0.0:

  • The Connector retrieves the latest file version at the time of polling. This means that multiple edits made in SharePoint between polls may be represented as a single file version in the TDP.
  • If files in SharePoint Online are renamed or moved, then the file version is uploaded as a distinct file at a new file path in the TDP.
  • The Connector does not support polling the root directory of a document library.
  • If multiple sourcePaths in the Connector configuration have overlapping paths, files found in multiple sourcePaths may be uploaded with the sourceType and labels of an arbitrary source path.
  • The Connector only supports polling the default document library of a SharePoint site.
  • The Connector uploads checksums from Sharepoint's Graph API to the TDP, but does not verify the SharePoint quickXorHash hash. Customers seeking additional data integrity verification may verify the hash by using a code snippet like the one found in Code Snippets: QuickXorHash Algorithm in the Microsoft documentation.
  • Syncing a large SharePoint document library may risk exceeding Microsoft Graph API limits. If the Connector reaches a daily limit, polling may be paused for up to a day because of SharePoint throttling. The Connector will broadcast throttling as a change in health status and a descriptive error. Because of this throttling risk, customers should carefully plan their Connector deployments and manage their enterprise application access credentials. For more information about SharePoint throttling, see Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online in the Microsoft documentation.
  • The Connector will try to upload a file version from SharePoint three times before marking the upload as failed. Once a file version is marked as failed, the Connector will not attempt to re-upload it. If an upload error occurs, users can resolve the issue and perform actions like delete and restore the file, change file contents, update SharePoint document library metadata, move the file to a new directory, or rename the file to increase the file version and permit a re-upload of the file to the TDP.
  • The Connector README, in the connector details page, may be difficult to read on some versions of TDP due to a missing horizontal scroll bar. If your version of TDP is affected, please review the README in the Artifacts page or press the 'edit' button on connector details to add the scrollbar.

Usage Considerations

The Tetra SharePoint Online Connector must be used with TDP v3.6.x or higher.

Other Release Notes

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