Tetra Data Apps

Tetra Data Apps provide direct access to your Tetra Data through third-party analysis applications. Once Data Apps are configured for your organization, users can access the apps through the Tetra Data & AI Workspace.

Data App Types

There are two types of Tetra Data Apps:

  • Linked Data Apps run as external software as a service (SaaS) applications outside of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP).
  • Embedded Data Apps run in the cloud and are configured for SaaS application streaming back to the TDP.

Your organization's analysis applications determine the Tetra Data App type that you use.

Linked Data App Use Cases

You can use Linked Data Apps to access your Tetra Data through external SaaS applications that run outside of the TDP. For example, you can create a link to a Posit Workbench instance, so users within your TDP organization can easily navigate to the correct instance in the Tetra Data & AI Workspace.

Embedded Data App Use Cases

You can use Embedded Data Apps to access operating system-specific applications, such as FlowJo for Windows, directly in the TDP. By using a windows-based image with FlowJo pre-installed, for example, an organization can make FlowJo accessible in the Tetra Data & AI Workspace, regardless of the operating system the user has.



Embedded Data Apps use an embedded streaming experience of the analysis application's image, which runs in the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud on dedicated infrastructure. A new version of this image is released monthly that contains all applicable Windows security patches.

Configure a Tetra Data App

To configure a Linked Data App for your organization, see Linked Data Apps.

To configure an Embedded Data App for your organization, see Embedded Data Apps.