How to Apply Filters to Search by Schema Data

This page describes how to filter search results by Intermediate Data Schema (IDS) data by using the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) Search feature. To use the TetraScience API, see Data Lake in the TetraScience API documentation.

To filter search results by IDS data, do the following:

  1. On the Search Files page, select the Label & Advanced Filters button. The Label & Advanced Filters window appears.

  2. Select the Data(IDS) Filters tab.

  3. In the Please select the schema drop-down list, select an IDS. A new drop-down appears that says Matches Any - OR.

  4. To have the search return files that meet all of the set conditions, select Matches All-AND from the drop-down.


    To have the search return files that meet at least one of the set conditions, select Matches Any-OR.

  5. In the Select Field drop-down list, select an attribute from the IDS that you chose.

  6. In the middle drop-down list, enter how you want the filter to match the attribute you chose by selecting the relevant conditional operator (is or is not).

  7. In the Value field, enter the attribute value that you want to filter by.

  8. (Optional) To add another attribute to your search query, choose Add Field. Then, repeat steps 4-7.


    To nest the search query conditions, choose Add Field Group. Then, repeat steps 4-7.

  9. Choose Close. The search results appear on the Search Files page.