Common Agent Events

All Tetra Agents share the following common event types. Each Agent also generates its own unique event types outside of these common Agent event types.



To set up event subscriptions for any of the following events, see Event Subscriptions.

Event TypeDescriptionEvent-Specific Data
agents.common.agentStarted.v1An Agent is started.N/A
agents.common.agentStopped.v1An Agent is stopped.N/A
agents.common.heartbeat.v1Occurs on a regular interval to indicate the agent is running.N/A
agents.common.sqliteBackupStarted.v1The SQLite database backup begins.N/A
agents.common.sqliteBackupCompleted.v1The SQLite database backup completes.N/A
agents.common.sqliteBackupFailed.v1An error occurs during SQLite database backup or upload.
"error": "error description"