TDP v3.2.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 13 April 2022


Quality Report

TetraScience is committed to creating quality software. Software is developed and tested using our TetraScience Quality System. The Quality Report for version 3.2.1 is referenced here: TPM-38.

What's New?

TetraScience has released its next patch of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) version 3.2.1. As its major focus, this patch targets several bug fixes, as well as a few enhancements, such as improved query performance, file preview information, and cloud configuration for the Tetra File-Log Agent.

For details on specific feature and functionality improvements, review these TDP version 3.2.1 release notes:

  • Enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Deprecated features
  • Known issues


Enhancements are new features and functionality that have been added to the software:

  • DL-131 - Underlying code has been added to improve the performance of the concurrent queries to work within an allocated infrastructure.
  • DP-115 - File Preview has been added to the File Details page to provide consistent behavior with the Search page functionality.

Bug Fixes

Click the arrows next to each section to review the bug fixes made for this version of the TDP software:

  • DP-106 - The inconsistent select/deselect functionality (UI only) for the file reprocessing action has been fixed.
Data Lake
  • DL-83 - Files and folder names which contain these special characters now appear properly in the Search page: []{}()*+?.,\^$|#”
  • DL-214 - The datastore path issue when special characters exist in file names has been fixed.
  • DL-243 - The wording on the File Summary Table in Health Monitoring has been revised to better reflect processing time in the Last Update column.
  • PLCR-223 - When you access a link in TDP other than from the Log In page, and log in using SSO which was configured as ENV parameters (single-tenant instance), you are now redirected to the original link.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features in the product at this time.

Minor Functionality Changes

The following are minor functionality changes made in this release:

  • AG-1647 - The full version string for the Tetra Agent is now returned without stripping out the "v", for example "v.4.1.0".
  • AG-1581/AG-1617 - Cloud configuration for the Tetra File-Log Agent is not available for versions earlier than 4.1.0. If you attempt to configure the Tetra File-Log Agent using a previous version, the configuration options are grayed out.

Known Issues

The following are known issues for this release:

*AG-1792 On datahub instances using docker (the default), datahub containers should automatically start up when the system is rebooted. For Podman on RHEL Linux EC2 instances, stopped containers do not automatically restart. The workaround is to wait for 30 minutes for the stopped containers to be restarted.

  • DL-217/DL-218 - Files with special characters (( { [ ) appear to be in the wrong order and are split in the file path when you browse in the Search page. However, this is just a visual issue; if you search for the path, the files are returned correctly.
  • DL-219 - In the TDP Box and Egnyte source page, you cannot edit a source that has special characters. To make a change to a Box or Egnyte source with special characters, you must delete it and then create a new one.


There are no miscellaneous items to report at this time.

Other Release Notes

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