Example Use Cases for SSPs

You can use self-service Tetra Data pipelines (SSPs) in many ways. Here are a few common example use cases:

  • Decorate files: Add labels to files to improve how discoverable they are by search. For example, you can use SSPs to programmatically add information about samples, experiment names, and laboratories.
  • Harmonize files: Parse proprietary instrument output files into a vendor-neutral and scientifically relevant Intermediate Data Schema (IDS).
  • Enrich files: Get information from other files within the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud to augment new data.
  • Push data to third-party applications: Send data to an electronic lab notebook (ELN), laboratory information management system (LIMS), or an AI/ML platform.
  • Create a multistep protocol: Decorate, harmonize, enrich, and push data to third-party applications by using a single protocol.

Each of these example use cases can be configured by expanding a single task script to include custom Python functions that accomplish the relevant file manipulations. Each example setup also uses a protocol.yml file that applies different parts of the task script for each use case.