Tetra Data Hub Frequently Asked Questions

How many Tetra Data Hubs do I need?

If the Tetra Data Hub host can be reached from anywhere in the enterprise network, theoretically you only need one and create as many connectors on this Data Hub as you want. Of course, depending on your location and team, you may want to create separate ones so it's easier to manage.

How can I troubleshoot if the Tetra Data Hub or Connector is offline?

  1. Please make sure the network requirements are met. If you need to set up a proxy, please refer to the proxy setup guide.
  2. Open the command line on the Tetra Data Hub machine, on CentOS, RedHat and Ubuntu v18.04 and up run systemctl status amazon-ssm-agent to see if the SSM agent is running. On older versions of Ubuntu, run service amazon-ssm-agent status.
  3. Open the command line on the Data Hub machine, type docker ps to see if there is any Docker container running (TetraScience connectors are run in Docker containers).
  4. Check SSM agent logs to see if there is any error: /var/log/amazon/ssm/amazon-ssm-agent.log and /var/log/amazon/ssm/errors.log

Is the Data Hub secure?

The core components of the Tetra Data Hub leverage AWS technologies, such as AWS IoT and AWS SSM agent (https://github.com/aws/amazon-ssm-agent). Data uploaded by the Data Connectors follow AWS IoT best practices - connectors are only given very restrictive, temporary credentials for uploading data to the platform. Communication from a Tetra Data Hub is only initiated outbound; TetraScience will never send commands directly to a Tetra Data Hub.

How can I configure Tetra Data Hub to use a proxy?

Please refer to this link: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/systems-manager/latest/userguide/sysman-proxy-with-ssm-agent.html. Note that these steps must be repeated whenever the proxy settings change.

Will the Tetra Data Hub restart if the host server is rebooted?

Yes, the Tetra Data Hub will autostart when the server restarts.

How can I check the Tetra Data Hub, Connector, and Agent status?

  1. Click the Hamburger Menu on Tetra Data Platform.
  2. Select Data Sources, then Data Hub.
  3. The online/offline status indicator appears next to the data hub entry.

How soon will the Tetra Data Hub activation expire?

It will expire after 24 hours after the Tetra Data Hub is created. You then need to create a new Tetra Data Hub and run the new installation script. The activation code can only be used once.