Tetra Agent Automatic Backups

To have a Tetra Agent back up its configuration data (SQLite database file) automatically, you must choose the S3 Direct Upload option when you configure the Agent.

For more information about the S3 Direct Upload option, see Tetra Agent Integration and Connectors (For TDP Version 3.4 and Higher). Instructions are included in the installation guide for the Agent that you're using.

Automatic Agent Backup Timing

When the S3 Direct Upload option is chosen during Agent configuration, an Agent's SQLite database file is automatically backed up in the Tetra Data Lake every 24 hours. The file is also automatically backed up each time the Agent starts.

Restore an Agent from Backup

If an Agent fails, you can restore the database file from the backup Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket to continue processing. For instructions, see Restore Tetra Agent from Backup.