Tetra Benchling Integration

The Tetra Benchling Integration provides bi-directional communication between Benchling and the Tetra Data Platform (TDP). The integration monitors Benchling events, such as the creation of Custom Entities or Assay Runs, and then seamlessly transfers data both to and from the TDP. This dual push/pull functionality serves as as a conduit for integration between Benchling and other systems, enhancing both data sourcing and data utilization.

The Tetra Benchling Integration provides customers the ability to rapidly develop robust workflows, such as the following:

  • Automating the creation of measurements, runs, sequences, sample sets, and liquid handler operations by using content from the creation or update of custom entities, runs, entries, and other events in Benchling.
  • Enhancing how searchable RAW instrument data and results are by using metadata and context extracted from Benchling
  • Automating scientific reporting by the automating the transformation of RAW instrument data into attachments, assay runs, and Assay Results in Benchling.

For more information and best practices, see Benchling in the TetraConnect Hub. For access, see Access the TetraConnect Hub.

Tetra Benchling Integration Components

Two technical components support the Tetra Benchling Integration:

For bi-directional communication between the TDP and Benchling, you must set up both the Tetra Benchling Pipeline and the Tetra Benchling Connector. The prerequisites for each integration component are listed in each component’s documentation.

For setups that require pushing data to Benchling only, use the Tetra Benchling Pipeline on its own.