TDP Deprecation Notices

The following deprecation notices are for the Tetra Data Platform (TDP). Deprecation notices are for version 3.2 and later. For all other deprecation notices, please see the release notes, which are located in Tetra Data Platform (TDP) Release Notes.

About TDP Deprecation Notices

Deprecations are components, features, or functions that are no longer supported or maintained by TetraScience. For general information about deprecations, see TDP Deprecations Overview.

The following table summarizes the deprecations, starting from TDP 3.3.0. To learn more about each deprecation, click the corresponding link.

TDP Deprecation Notices Table

The following table shows a list of the TDP Deprecation Notices. The table indicates:

  • The date of the deprecation notice.
  • The product area that is affected by the deprecation.
  • The title of the notice and a link to find out more details.
  • Version of the software where the deprecation will be placed on the deprecation path.
  • Planned deprecation completion, which indicates when the feature, component, or function will be removed TDP.
Deprecation Notice DateProduct AreaDetailsVersion Deprecation StartsEstimated Deprecation Complete (Removal from Product)
11 October 2022SearchSource.<Integration Type> Deprecation3.
11 October 2022ConnectorsCloud Data Connector Deprecation3.
11 October 2022DataHubDataHub Deprecation3.4.0Future Release
10 August 2022SearchAthena metadata_v1 Table Deprecation3.
10 August 2022SearchFull-Text Search Deprecation3.3.0Future Release
10 August 2022IntegrationsApps and Email Menu Options Removed from TDP3.3.0Future Release
10 August 2022PipelinePipeline Reserved Instances Deprecation3.
10 August 2022PipelinePipeline Dashboard Deprecation3.3.0Future Release

Deprecation Notices

The following are deprecation notices for TDP.

Source.<Integration Type> Deprecation

When using Elasticsearch code or the File Info API in your business logic, the use of source.<integration type>, will be deprecated. Note that the integration type will be moved to the trace section since it is primarily used for traceability.

For TDP 3.4, nothing will change functionally. However, do not use source.<integration type> when using ElasticSearch or File Info APIs for your business logic, since this section (source.<integration type>) will be deprecated and removed from the API starting in TDP version 3.5.

Cloud Data Connector Deprecation

We are deprecating the Cloud Data Connector (CDC) to simplify agent configuration. As of 3.4, creating CDCs and adding agents to existing CDCs will be disabled. If your agent needs a Datahub and Generic Data Connector (GDC), agent creation will be unchanged. If you don’t, new Agents can be created from the Agents page with ‘No Connector’ selected.

Existing CDCs will be unaffected for 3.4, but is scheduled to be removed in the 3.5 release. All Agents without a Datahub V1 + GDC will display ‘No Connector’ in the user interface.

DataHub V1 Deprecation

An improved design of the DataHub, “Tetra Hub“ is under development. For version 3.5 of the software, you will not be able to create a new DataHub, however, existing DataHubs will continue to function.

Athena metadata_v1 Table Deprecation

For version 3.3.0 of TDP, the Athena metadata_v1 table has been deprecated. Please transition queries and dashboards to use file_info_v1, which has the same fields and more attributes about all file categories.

Full-Text Search Deprecation

For version 3.3.0 of the TDP, to improve performance, full-text search (FTS) for IDS files has been deprecated and we plan to deprecate the functionality for RAW data in a future release.

For customer-hosted environments:
Deprecating FTS for IDS files provides additional computational and storage cost savings.

To ensure particular FTS search use cases are still achievable, TetraScience has the ability to turn this on via an AWS parameter or to turn off FTS indexing for RAW data to further save indexing costs. Please contact support if you wish to do this.

Apps and Email Menu Options Removed from TDP

For version 3.3.0 of the TDP, the Apps and Email menu options have been removed from TDP. Existing links to Streamlit dashboards will continue to work with no functionality updates and are supported through TetraScience professional services team.

Pipeline Reserved Instances Deprecation

For version 3.3.0 of the TDP, the pipeline reserved instances have been removed. A new selection algorithm manages resources to make sure files are processed by pipelines in a timely manner and at scale.

Pipeline Dashboard Deprecation

For version 3.3.0 of the TDP, the Pipeline Dashboard has been removed from the main TDP Navigation. It is temporarily accessible via URL (https:<tdp-env>.com/dashboard), but will be removed in a future release. Content has been integrated into the new Pipeline File Processing page.