Tetra IoT Agent


The Tetra IoT (Internet of Things) Agent enables the connection of an instrument to the Tetra Data Platform via the Tetra IoT Layer (see Tetra IoT Layer Deployment. for deployment details) and Tetra IoT Drivers.

Data is collected from the instrument via compatible drivers installed on the Tetra IoT Agent, and then is packaged into files to be uploaded to the Tetra Data Lake, and if the files match a trigger condition, they are processed using the appropriate Tetra Data Pipelines(s) and IDS.

Here are the steps that you need to take to set up the Tetra IoT Agent:

  1. Complete the Tetra IoT Agent Local Setup and Configuration.
  2. Create one or more Tetra IoT integrations.

If you need more information on hardware and software specifications, see the documentation here.