Tetra Agents

Tetra Agents provide built-in data integration with specific instruments or systems. They offer similar functionality as Tetra Connectors, but are Windows based and run exclusively on-premises. After the data is uploaded to the Tetra Data Platform (TDP), it can then be processed by a pipeline, translated into a Tetra Data model, and integrated with other systems.

For more information about the different types of Tetra Integrations, see Tetra Integrations.

Agent Deployment Options

You can deploy Agents in two ways:

  • On-Premises—requires the use of a Tetra Data Hub.
  • TDP (No Connector)—allows Agents to upload source data directly to the TDP or Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

For more information, see Agent Deployment Options.

Supported Tetra Agents



Before you can install an Agent, you must first contact your customer success manager (CSM). They will send you the Microsoft Installation Package (.msi) file that is required to install the Agent on your host server.

The TDP currently supports the following Agents.

AgentSource TypeCapabilities
Tetra Chromeleon AgentInstruments- Pulls data from Chromeleon and uploads it to the TDP
Tetra Empower AgentInstruments- Pulls data from Waters Empower 3 and uploads it to the TDP
Tetra File-Log AgentFile sharing- Monitors Windows file system folders for new and modified files and automatically uploads them to the TDP
Tetra IoT AgentFile sharing- Supports direct integrations with simple instruments, such as balances and pH meters, by using a hardware interface supplied by TetraScience
Tetra LabX AgentConnectivity middleware- Pulls data from LabX and uploads it to the TDP
Tetra UNICORN AgentInstruments- Pulls AKTA instrument batch data and uploads it to the TDP