Tetra Data Platform Support

Each Tetra Data Platform (TDP) version includes a three-part version number (Major.Minor.Patch). The first number shows major versions, which may include new, foundational product features. The second number shows minor versions that introduce new functionality and/or updated, backward-compatible features. The third number indicates patch versions, which include bug fixes and security updates that are made within each minor platform version.

After any new major or minor TDP version is released (for example, v4.0.x) the previous platform version (v3.6.x) is still eligible for patches and customer engineering support. The TDP version that preceded it (v3.5.x) is supported for 90 days after the latest platform version release only. Customers are required to upgrade to a supported minor TDP version’s latest patch release to correct any defects.

TDP Version End-of-Support Dates

The following table shows the end-of-support dates for each major and minor TDP version.

TDP VersionEnd-of-Support Date
v3.5.x8 July 2024
v3.4.x31 January 2024
v3.3.x10 September 2023