Tetra Empower Agent

The Tetra Empower Agent is a high-performance, Microsoft Windows-based solution built on the Empower 3 Toolkit to extract data from Waters Empower 3. Based on Injection, data is converted to JSON format and uploaded to the TetraScience Data Lake through a Data Connector.


You can query the Empower Data from theTetraScience Data Lake using Elastic Search API and AWS Athena Service provided by TetraScience. You can view and analyze data using downstream Analytics such as: Spotfire, Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, or Jupyter Notebook.

Tetra Empower Agent Features



Complete data for an Injection

The Tetra Empower Agent extracts the raw data based on a single injection. Data related to the Injection is outputted combined with: Sample Set, Instrument Method, Processing Method, Channel, Result, Custom Fields, and Chromatography data (2D/3D), and so on.

Auto-detect Injection change

New Injection or Injection change can be automatically detected. The Tetra Empower Agent will regenerate a new version of the RAW file if the underlying injection is changed.

To detect the Injection change, you should enable the Empower Project Audit Trail option.

Result Sign-off

Provides option to include or exclude Injection with or without the result being signed off.


On average, it takes 1.2 seconds to generate one Injection RAW file.

Low impact on existing Empower System and Users

The Tetra Empower Agent does not change any data in the Empower system.

When the Tetra Empower Agent is up and running, there is little overhead to the Empower Server and no performance impact to other users using Empower at the same time.

Flexible to select projects from Empower

The Tetra Empower Agent provides a similar user interface to navigate projects using a parent-child hierarchy.

You can select projects to extract by simply clicking the checkboxes.

Resilience and transient fault handling

Provides retry policies to apply in case of any errors from Empower, hardware, software, or the network. The retry count is configurable.


Handles undocumented Empower ToolKit and Native C++ errors.


The SQLite database is backed up to the Data Platform daily. If the Agent host server crashes, you can easily migrate the data to a different server without losing any progress.

Full Application Audit Log

The Tetra Empower Agent generates full operation log logs for auditing.

Supports connection options to the TetraScience Data Platform

You can set up GDC using an on-premise server, or use CDC if there is a direct internet connection. Both options support S3 Direct file upload for large RAW files (larger than 500 MB).

For details on data integrations, click here.

Supports multiple versions of Empower 3

For supported versions, click here.

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