Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector v1.3.x Release Notes

The following are the Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector release notes for versions 1.3.x.


Release date: 17 May 2024

What's New

TetraScience has released its next version of the Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector, version 1.3.0. This release provides support for libraries, a new type of DataWeave template that allows customers to import functions and variables defined in the library through scripts in other DataWeave templates. It also introduces multiple enhancements and resolves several known issues.

New Functionality

New Functionality includes features not previously available in the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) or Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector. These features may or may not affect “intended use” for GxP validation purposes.

  • The connector now supports libraries, a new type of DataWeave template. A library template has one associated DataWeave script and isn't used directly by any connector actions. Instead, functions and variables defined in the library can be imported by scripts in other DataWeave templates. This new functionality allows you to define recurring utility code for your actions in one place instead of having it as copy/paste boilerplate code in all templates.


Enhancements are modifications to existing functionality that improve performance or usability, but don't alter the function or intended use of the system.

  • The connector now allows the results script used by retrieve actions in the connector to send optional warnings to the front end. This gives you an option for improved error handling in the transformation script. While it has always been possible to check for and skip files with missing data that would cause failures, this enhancement now allows you to provide a notification to the end user that some data was skipped, and allows them to decide whether or not they want to proceed with writing to IDBS.

  • In Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector v1.2.0, the behavior of the @ts-skip-retrieve comment in results scripts was changed so that the connector would do one transform at a time instead of doing a single DataWeave transform on all of the OpenSearch (or Elasticsearch, depending on your TDP version) hits at once. The comment @ts-single-transform was added in v1.2.0 to recapture the original behavior. For v1.3.0, both of these comments now result in the same behavior. With either one, the connector will first attempt to run a single DataWeave transform jointly on all OpenSearch or Elasticsearch hits. In the event of a failure that prevents DataWeave from successfully executing that transform, the connector now provides an option to automatically rerun using multiple transforms instead. Whether or not an individual template is rerun this way is a configuration that's set at the template level. There is also a connector-level setting that controls the default behavior if no choice has been made for a given template.

  • Upload actions can now apply labels to files written to the TDP.

  • The connector now applies validation to optional fields provided during upload actions. This validation is presented as a warning in the connector UI. The connector will attempt to upload even if there are warnings present.

  • Polling behavior between the connector client and server has been adjusted. Instead of continuously polling for session logs, the most recent session log entries are now requested when entering the Details tab in the connector UI.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are now fixed:

  • The connector no longer crashes on navigation to the single sign-on (SSO) login endpoint without the expected authorization code in the URL.

  • Certain types of malformed updates were acceptable to the update validator, but caused the conflict checker to crash. These problems are now caught by the update validator.

Deprecated Features

There are no new deprecated features in this release. For more information about TDP deprecations, see Tetra Product Deprecation Notices.

Known and Possible Issues

There are no new known and possible issues in this release.


Various security updates were applied, including the following:

  • Various connector dependencies have been upgraded or removed to patch security vulnerabilities. Of particular note, the connector previously used a package within its Docker container to automatically restart on crash. This package has been removed, and the restart behavior should now be handled by setting the appropriate Docker restart status at the container level. For more information, see Step 4: Create the Docker Container in the IDBS E-Workbook Connector Installation Guide.

Upgrade Considerations

This version is compatible as a direct upgrade from Tetra IDBS E-Workbook Connector v1.2.0. To upgrade the Connector, see IDBS Connector - Admin Configuration.

Other Release Notes

To view other Tetra Connector release notes, see Tetra Connector Release Notes.