RELEASE DATE: 18 February 2021

Enhancements, bug fixes, deprecated features, as well as minor functionality changes for version 2.23.0 of the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) are listed below.

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

There were several minor enhancements in this version of the software.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes were made to the platform.

  • In the AKTA RAW to IDS pipeline, the pipeline used to fail if the memory allocation number was too large. This problem has now been fixed.
  • When creating a new service user, the email domain was set to "undefined" instead of the organizational domain. This issue has now been fixed.
  • The IDS JSON to ADF pipeline now properly generates the ADF file.
  • The Parameter caching in the protocol parameters due to pipeline config has been resolved.
  • We've corrected the amount of memory allocated during successive retries when there are pipeline processing failures due to out of memory errors.
  • Issue when deleting all existing metadata and tags has been resolved.
  • The write pipeline name is now displayed when editing an existing pipeline.
  • The Egnyte source definition now allows spaces in metadata keys.
  • The On-line/Off-line status issue for Datahub connectors has been resolved
  • When clicking the AWS button on Org management screen, if the Athena policy has already been created, the message "Services already provisioned" appears instead of an error.
  • There were various minor bug fixes made to the Self-Service Pipeline feature.

Deprecated Features

The following feature is currently deprecated.

Usage of the API Key for Authentication

The API Key, which is used for authentication, is deprecated. While the API Key still works, we strongly recommend that you use the JSON Web Token (JWT) instead.

Functionality Changes

There were several functionality changes.

  • To improve performance, manual file uploads are now limited to 200 Mb.
  • The Self-Service Pipeline now requires that Python 3.7 be used.
  • Organizational admins can upload artifacts.
  • Organizational admins can overwrite existing artifacts for his/her own organization by adding a flag in the client tool to force the overwrite.
  • Organization members can read the content of the artifact by downloading the artifact.
  • Each file tag text entry is now limited to 128 characters on the UI instead of infinite.

Additional Notes

  • Security-related enhancements and bugs were also addressed.