Pipeline Workflow

The endpoints in this group document the Pipeline Workflows REST APIs that are available. These endpoints allow you to search for specific workflows and view details on them.

Endpoints in this section are:

  • GET /v1/workflow/{workflowID} - Gets the details of a single workflow.
  • GET /v1/workflow/search - Searches for workflows that match certain parameters.

Each of these endpoints is addressed in this topic's subsections.


Here are a few notes for Pipeline Workflow endpoints.

  • Before you use these endpoints, please familiarize yourself with pipeline basic concepts and terminology.

  • In the endpoint documentation and in the responses:

    • protocol and master script are used interchangeably.
    • steps and task scripts are also used interchangeably.

The following should be noted for the JSON results returned by the Pipeline API’s:

  • Tasks ([].tasks) is an array that contains information on the execution of each step in a protocol.

  • Task Output ([].tasks[].output) is an array of files that are generated by the workflow step. This is captured from the return of the step’s task-script return value. The TDP Workflow details page will also list the generated files.

  • There are two input files.

    • The Workflow Input File ({}.[].inputFile) contains information about the file that triggered the workflow.
    • The Task Input File ({}.[].tasks[].input) contains the name of the object that is passed into the step when executed in script.js (workflow.runTask).
  • Events include Workflow Events and Task Events.

    • Workflow Events ([].events) track statuses for general workflow.
      • in-progress indicates the workflow is currently executing.
      • completed indicates the workflow was completed successfully.
    • Task Events ([].tasks[].events) tracks status changes for individual steps in the protocol.
      • pending indicates the step is waiting to be executed.
      • in-progress indicates the step is currently executing.
      • completed indicates the step has successfully completed.