Tetra Data Platform Use Case Examples

You can use the Tetra Data Platform to enhance your chromatography data systems. This page provides a summarized list of possible examples (where users mean: Principal Investigators (PI), Scientists, QA Technicians):

  1. Integration of chromatographic data with third-party visualization and business intelligence tools.
    • Automatic transfer of chromatographic data from Empower to visualization software such as TIBCO Spotfire, Dotmatics Vortex, and Tableau.
    • Automatic transfer of chromatographic data from Empower to ELN and LIMS systems.
  2. Search an injection.
    • Users can search injections based on available metadata (for example, sample name, date, parent sample set, and parent project) across all connected Empower instances.
  3. Multi-site data access
    • Users can search, analyze, and retrieve data from multiple sites through a centralized platform.
  4. Batch control
    • Users interrogate the metadata stored in a Data Lake to locate all of the chromatograms of a product, batch, or samples.
    • Users collect chromatograms of a product with multiple batches, where each batch has multiple samples, and each sample has multiple injections.
    • Users look at the product performance by comparing the different batch results.
    • When an aberrant result is observed, users would drill down to the chromatogram or compare multiple chromatograms (chromatogram overlay) of the product to see the peak shape or hidden peaks.
  5. Method development
    • User queries for a method name.
    • Sets varying experimental parameters (temp, column, and mobile phase) and views the chromatograms to see the effect of the changes.
  6. Method reliability (for example, impact of the column)
    • What testing has been performed using a particular column
    • What and how other parameters of the run changed on the column

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