Example: Understanding System Utilization

Empower’s built-in usage metrics tool sometimes may not fully satisfy your data needs. Although it does display some relevant usage data, it is not enough to make actionable decisions, and it is unable to be configured. Life Sciences companies would benefit from a better understanding of system usage to improve operations and make more informed purchasing decisions. You can configure a usage metrics Spotfire dashboard template to illustrate usage by system, project, user, and more. Users can (de)select fields to sort and understand usage data in several ways.

This diagram shows a visualization in Spotfire, containing usage metrics such as: the injection count per system, the total injection time a system has run, and the system usage per user. You can configure this to show additional statistics related to the system usage metrics based on your specific business need and logic.


System Usage Metric

From the diagram, you can see usage metrics on your HPLC systems:

  • Top left is the total injection time for a system.
  • Bottom left is the injection frequency per user.
  • Top and bottom right display two visualization options for the total number of injections run by the system.
  • Sidebar provides filter options which you can use to isolate specific systems and narrow down the visuals to your desired system, project, or site.