Tetra Scientific Data Cloud Overview

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud combines leading technologies, an extensive ecosystem of life sciences partners, scientific applications, and data science expertise to unlock the full value of your scientific data across R&D, manufacturing, and QA/QC.

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud connects the entire laboratory ecosystem and eliminates manual, time-consuming data management tasks inherent to biopharma. Productized integrations with instruments, informatics applications, and new/legacy software systems across R&D and manufacturing allows for near real-time data capture and increased data integrity. Data are centralized in the cloud and engineered into an open, universally adoptable, vendor-agnostic format. This access to FAIR ( scientific data in the cloud allows organizations to leverage the potential of AI/ML and advanced analytics to improve outcomes and operational efficiencies, extract deeper insights to fuel new discoveries, and bring treatments to market faster.


Tetra Scientific Data Cloud

The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud consists of:

  • The open, cloud-native Tetra Data Platform which re-engineers raw or primary data into FAIR, harmonized “Tetra Data™"
  • Use case-based Scientific Applications enriched by Tetra Data and the Tetra Partner Network.
  • Productized API-based integrations
  • Tetra Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Tetra Partner Network

Tetra Data Platform

Tetra Data Platform (TDP) is the industry’s only open, cloud-native, purpose-built scientific data platform. It ingests raw/primary data from thousands of sources, engineers them, extracts metadata, harmonizes content, and publishes to the cloud in a vendor-agnostic format that is harmonized, compliant, liquid, and actionable (known as Tetra Data).

Scientific applications built upon TDP provide solutions to specific scientific, laboratory operations, and compliance workflows. Tetra Scientific Applications are configurable and reusable across different configurations to accelerate and improve scientific workflows. Tetra GxP ensures the capture of data provenance through a comprehensive audit trail, disaster recovery, control matrices, and software hazard analysis.

Tetra Data Platform runs natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available as a SaaS solution in AWS Marketplace.

You can find more information about the Tetra Data Platform on this site.

Tetra Partner Network

The Tetra Partner Network (TPN) is a global community of life sciences technology providers dedicated to unlocking the power of pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing data to accelerate the delivery of life-changing therapies. TPN multiplies the value delivered to customers and provides vendor-agnostic access to the power of the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud.

To learn more about the Tetra Partner Network, visit our website.

Tetra Quality Management System (QMS) for GxP Readiness

Tetra Quality Management System (QMS) ensures data integrity, traceability, reliability, and availability for scenarios that include capturing of data provenance through a comprehensive audit trail, disaster recovery, control matrices, and software hazard analysis.

Tetra Supported Data Sources and Targets

Tetra Data Platform’s has and out-of-the-box and ever-growing list of integrations with top instruments, ELNS/LIMS, informatics applications, sensors and data science tools.