Tetra File-Log Agent Troubleshooting Guide

Agent UI Fails to Launch

If you get the error when launching the File-Log Agent Windows UI as shown below, the installation folder permissions (which by default is in C:\TetraScience) might not have been set up correctly.


Here's how to grant the proper permissions.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation folder (i.e. C:\TetraScience\ ).
  2. Right-click the installation folder, and select Properties.
  1. Select Security Tab and click Edit.
  1. Select Users and grant Full Control to Users.
  1. Click Apply, then OK.

Agent Doesn't Start

If you click the Start button, but the agent status indicates it has stopped, one possible reason is the Agent is installed in a different folder path than the default, and that the folder name includes space like this: D:\File Log.


Having a space in the file name causes issues when Windows Services for the agent are installed. To fix this issue do either reinstall and use the default installation folder (C:\TetraScience) or remove the space from the folder name.

Agent Doesn't Run Continuously

While not a common issue, you can easily ensure that your agent remains running by creating a windows task that starts the agent each day. For information on how to do this, view this topic.