2021.10_2 Artifact Release


Bug Fixes

DE-2688 ThermoFisher XCalibur - Investigate Exploris systems mapping
  • Task Script
    • Slug: common/thermofisher-xcalibur-windows
    • Version: v1.4.0
    • Changes:
      • Add instrument library file (json format) which could collect instrument name - type mapping from all the raw files
      • User could manually add/delete/update the library by this file: \Template\InstrumentTypeManualInput.json. It has three data fields:
        Name is instrument name, such as "Orbitrap Exploris 480"
        Type is instrument type, such as MS, UV etc
        dataSource is a comment field, we do not use it in the code, we use it to collect information for future improvement.
DE-2734 Fix Zeiss out of memory error with 12 GB files
  • Task Script
    • Slug: common/zeiss-microscope-raw-to-ids
    • Version: v0.2.1
    • Changes:
      • Reduce memory usage when reading the CZI from the datalake by using form="download" in context.read_file
      • Change progress logging to be less frequent
  • Protocol
    • Slug: common/zeiss-microscope-raw-to-ids
    • Version: v0.2.2
    • Changes:
      • Update task script common/zeiss-microscope-raw-to-ids version to v0.2.1

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

DE-2700 Radiometer America, ABL 90 Flex Plus - Create IDS
  • IDS
    • Slug: common/blood-gas-analyzer-radiometer-america-abl90
    • Version: v1.0.0
    • Changes:
      • First release