Customer Hosted Post-Deployment Tasks

This page describes the tasks you should perform after you have completed the [Customer Hosted deployment process]( for the Tetra Data Platform (TDP).

You can perform these post-deployment tasks:

  • (Required) Confirm alert email subscriptions
  • (Optional) Determine if you want to disable the [email protected] user
  • (Optional) Deploy the Tetra IoT Layer

(Required) Confirm the Alert Email Subscription

Alert emails are sent through AWS SNS to the email address you configured during the Data Layer deployment. SNS sends an email with the Subject of "AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation" and requires that you confirm the subscription. You must click the link in that email for notifications to work properly.

(Optional) Disable the [email protected] User


Cannot Re-Enable Using the TDP Ul

Once you complete these instructions to disable the [email protected] user, you cannot re-enable the [email protected] user in the TDP UI. However, you can re-enable the [email protected] user by updating the user's status directly in the database.

The [email protected] user account is created by default and can access all organizations in the setup. For security issues, you may want to disable this user account.



If you disable this account certain functionality will not be possible, such as creating new organizations.

To disable this user account:

  1. Log in to the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) with the [email protected] user account.
  2. Switch to the TetraScience organization.
  3. Click here for details on how to disable a user. Locate the [email protected] user from the user list.
  4. Disable the [email protected] user account. You are logged out automatically and cannot log back in with that user account.

(Optional) Deploy the Tetra IoT Layer

To deploy the Tetra IoT Layer, see the instructions here.