Tetra Phone Home Telemetry

The Tetra Phone Home Telemetry (PHT) feature speeds up the collection of information and resolution of technical issues. All TDP deployments will, by default, periodically send configuration and usage information back to TetraScience. Collected information will be used for the following purposes:

  • TetraScience support teams will use this data to help support customers when debugging issues.
  • TetraScience teams will use this data to understand product usage in an effort to improve user experience.

Note that TetraScience will NOT include any proprietary information or data. The following types of information will NOT be collected or will be obfuscated:

  • File names
  • File content
  • Directory names
  • Pipeline/Protocol parameter values
  • Pipeline trigger condition values
  • Metadata, Tag, and Label values

The following is a sampling of the information that will be collected.

Agent Configuration InfoConfiguration Info:
name, type, version, status, slugs, All directory paths the agent is monitoring will be obfuscated, Metadata, tags and labels will be obfuscated.

Performance Metrics:
scan rate, error rates, upload rates

Agent Host Machine Config:
name, IP Address, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage.
Pipeline and Protocol ConfigurationPipeline and Protocol Config:
name, version, slugs, status, descriptions, trigger condition values will be obfuscated, retry behavior, priority, parameter values will be obfuscated.

Pipeline and Protocol Stats:
Usage stats such as: Retries counts, File size.

Performance-Related Stats:
file counts (no file names or file content), Workflow performance metrics (queue time, execution time, etc…).
CloudFormationDeployment Config

TDP Config:
name, Version, Env Size, namespace, public domain name, notification email, Tuning parameters (Queue Limits, Concurrency Limits, Capacity Limits, etc…).

Account Id, Region, Instance Types, SQS Queue size, Athena config, S3 bucket config, DB config (backup config, RDS type), Log/Monitoring endpoints.