2022.06_4 Artifact Release

RELEASE DATE: June 29, 2022

Enhancements (New Features and Functionality)

DE-4195 Fix ViiA7 IDS non-ISO times in expected.json
  • IDS

    • namespace: common
    • slug: qpcr-thermofisher-viia7
    • version: v4.0.0
    • changelog:
      • Add property methods[*].targets
      • Add property results[*].target_name
      • Add property runs[*].bulb_usage
      • Add property runs[*].errors
      • Add multi-component datacube for each reporter found in the input files (not just hard-coded FAM or FOX)
      • Update root $id from https://ids.tetrascience.com/common/qpcr-thermofisher-viia7/v3.0.0/schema.json to https://ids.tetrascience.com/common/qpcr-thermofisher-viia7/v4.0.0/schema.json
      • Update @idsVersion const from v3.0.0 to v4.0.0
      • Update results[*] required from ['@link', 'cycle_threshold', 'name', 'omit'] to ['@link', 'cycle_threshold', 'name', 'omit', 'target_name']
      • Update samples[*] remove schema item "required": ["@link"]
      • Update samples[*].labels[*].source.name type from string to ['null', 'string']
      • Update datacubes to store amplification data per sample/target combination
      • Update Raw to IDS mapping table for raw files extracted directly from .eds files without the export software.
      • Remove property methods[*].baseline because baseline information was moved to methods[*].targets[*].baseline
      • Remove property methods[*].cycle_threshold_threshold because cycle threshold information was moved to methods[*].targets[*].cycle_threshold_threshold
      • Remove property samples[*].@link
DE-3870 Agilent Chemstation IDS and Parser updates
  • IDS

    • namespace: common
    • slug: agilent-chemstation
    • version: v2.0.0
    • changelog:
      • Changed methods[0].detection.uv_vis_settings[*].peak_width from value-unit object to nullable string
      • Changed systems[0].component.column to array so multiple columns can be captured
      • Added methods[0].custom_fields to capture custom sample and compound fields under Custom_Fields in raw json
      • Added default value of null to users[0].id
      • Changed results[*].retention_time to nested time value-unit field (results[*].retention.time<value & unit>)
DE-4078 Update the protocol for fcs raw to ids parser in ts-task-script-fcs-raw-to-ids
  • Protocol

    • namespace: common
    • slug: fcs-raw-to-ids
    • version: v1.2.0
    • changelog:
DE-4087 Update mscovert-windows task script readme and add github tags
  • Task Script

    • namespace: common
    • slug: msconvert-windows
    • version: v1.0.2
    • changelog:
      • change output file name from AAA.LCD.mzML to AAA.mzML